‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ Auction Raises Half A Million Dollars

Who knew that sausage fingers, raccoon puppets, and rocks with googly eyes could be worth thousands of dollars?

Independent film studio A24 organized a week-long auction from February 23 to March 2. The auction sold 43 lots of props and costumes from Everything Everywhere All at Once.

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The auction’s highest-selling item was the raccoon puppet nicknamed Raccacoonie. The prop was reportedly sold for $90,000.

The prosthetic hot dog hands from one of the film’s stranger universes fetched $55,000. Meanwhile, rocks with googly eyes (which replaced the main characters at one point) sold for $13,200.

“It’s not because it’s a rock,” said production designer Jason Kisvarday. “It’s because of how many people saw the rock, are excited about this rock, and it means something to them.”

The Wang family’s laundry-delivery R.V. sold for $11,000 though it is “currently not street legal,” according to the lot’s description.

Most items probably ended up in private collections. Although Kisvarday hopes that big props like the R.V. could be available for public access, like in museums.

“I think it’s fun when mementos like this wind up in places where many people can see and enjoy them,” he said.

For a cause

Proceeds from the auction ($555,725 all in all) were divided between three organizations—the Asian Mental Health Project, the Transgender Law Center, and the Laundry Workers Center.

The film has already been buzzing this awards season, with wins from the Golden Globes and  Screen Actors Guild Awards.

It’s also the most nominated film at this year’s Academy Awards. Its 11 nominations include best picture, best director, best actress (Michelle Yeoh), best supporting actress (Stephanie Hsu and Jamie Lee Curtis), and best supporting actor (Ke Huy Quan).

Banner image via Instagram @everythingeverywheremovie.

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