Muscle Power: Chris Hemsworth's Fitness App Centr Bulks Up After Being Acquired by Mark Besos' HighPost Capital - The Scene

Although acting remains a passion for Hemsworth, he plans to make his fitness app Centr his main focus.

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth’s fitness app Centr has been acquired by HighPost Capital—the private equity firm of David Moross and Mark Bezos. The latter is the younger brother of Amazon founder and the world’s second-richest man Jeff Bezos. 

According to Bloomberg, the combined company value is over $200 million. 

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For Hemsworth’s starring role in Thor (2011), he worked with Hollywood trainers to achieve a god-amongst-men-superhero physique. 

His best version

He quickly became people’s body inspiration—common Google searches on the actor asked, “How do I get Thor Ragnarok body?” and “How did Chris Hemsworth get such big arms?”

One way to get the answers straight from the source is the 38-year-old’s app. It was launched when he decided to share his “health, wellness, and fitness experience” through Centr in 2019. 

“I pulled together people who helped me build the best version of myself, and it’s been an incredible journey being able to share knowledge that I’ve been fortunate enough to absorb,” Hemsworth told the news outlet about collaborating with HighPost.

The equity firm is also acquiring Inspire Fitness, an exercise equipment company that makes free weights and rowing machines incorporated into Centr.

More opportunity  

“We see an opportunity to take Centr, which is already profitable, to the next level,” Moross said. Currently, the app has 200,000 subscribers, and Moross says their business model projects an additional 500,000 users within four years.

He adds that they’re working toward capturing Hemsworth’s Global audience of 85 million compiled followers throughout his social media platforms. 

However, despite the common internet searches on how to be as muscular as Thor, Hemsworth says “not all” Centr’s users are vying for the physique. 

Instead of building muscles, some users want to learn about “overall fitness” and seek longevity through the app’s functional workouts. Centr offers customized workout plans whether you’re looking to lose weight or gain muscle.

It also offers “dietitian-approved meal plans” for pescatarians, vegetarians, and vegans for nutrition guides. Other tools for overall wellness include help for better sleep and meditation.

We might see less of the actor on the big screen due to the new undertaking, which he wants to make a priority. “I’m so passionate about my film career, but I love being more involved in the health and wellness space—it’s what excites me, and I want to put everything in it and make it a main focus,” he said. 

Banner photo from @chrishemsworth on Instagram.

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