The Corrs Serenades Filipino Fans With A Two-Night Concert

The Corrs left their Filipino fans breathless with a two-night concert in Manila. They sang their greatest hits like “Breathless” and “Runaway.”

The Corrs played a beautiful sold-out weekend as they serenaded Araneta Coliseum with their popular songs. Fans of the Irish family band sang along while the group performed and left the members in awe. 

They returned to Manila after 22 years through a concert Pulp Live World organized. The show went on for two hours with around a dozen songs. 

The family quartet’s Andrea, Jim, Caroline and Sharon Corr opened the concert with their 1997 single “Only When I Sleep.” The crowd cheered loudly as soon as they started the song.

The Corrs went to Manila back in 2001 where they also performed two sold-out concerts at the same venue.

The Corrs Live In Manila concert banner
The Corrs Live In Manila concert banner/Photo via Instagram @philstarlife

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The welcome Filipinos gave to The Corrs was “unforgettable”

The Corrs’ vocalist Andrea greeted their fans warmly in Filipino, saying that the Irish family band was glad to perform in Manila again.

Andrea added that they are glad to be back in the exact same venue they played 22 years ago. She expressed they wanted to come back since 2001 because the welcome they received from the fans was unforgettable.

“So, it’s finally happened,” Andrea gushed. She encouraged the crowd to have an amazing night and “share the love” before continuing the rest of the show.

A trip down memory lane through The Corrs’ classics

The Corrs followed up their opening song with performances of “Give Me a Reason” and “Summer Sunshine.”

The crowd seemed to cheer louder when the band performed very familiar tunes: “Don’t Say You Love Me,” “Radio,” and  “So Young.”

The fans got pumped even more as soon as The Corrs started playing a few notes of “Runaway,” one of their most popular songs. 

The song became a hit in 1995. The fans started singing along with Andrea as soon as the music played. She turned emotional and in awe seeing the fans singing along and knowing the lyrics to the song. She let the fans sing the rest and they happily did so.

The Corrs included hit songs “Little Wing,” “Queen of Hollywood,” “I Never Loved You Anyway,” “Haste to the Wedding,” “Toss the Feathers,” and “Breathless,” among other songs.

They covered songs from Fleetwood Mac. They sang “Dreams” which they revived in 1998 and “Little Lies” as a tribute to Fleetwood Mac’s co-vocalist Christine McVie.

The Corrs together onstage
The Corrs together onstage/Photo via Instagram @bananajadedog

Filipinos are the band’s amazing choir 

The Corrs played music for thousands of crowds across the years and their energy appeared to have never wavered. Andrea’s notes hit seamlessly, Sharon’s violin solos still on point and Caroline played the bodhrán and the drums well. Jim proved the magic of his talented hands juggling both the guitar and piano.

The Manila crowd matched the effortlessness of The Corrs’ talents and sang with all their heart. It definitely brought an inspiring and endearing feel for the band. 

Jim commended the Filipino fans through Instagram saying Philippines was fantastic and had incredible singing like an amazing choir.

The crowd during The Corrs’ concert in Araneta
The crowd during The Corrs’ concert in Araneta/Photo via Instagram @smartaranetacoliseum

The band concluded their two-night sold-out concert with immense gratitude to the fans. They thanked them for the chance to “run away” on a nostalgic trip together. That’s another concert from The Corrs that’s one for the books.

Banner photo via Instagram @only_thecorrs_.

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