Naked Honesty: Society Insider Opinions About Hook-Up Culture

Conversations about sex in the upper strata are taboo yet vital to explore—find out how they view this controversial topic. 

Sex and talking about bodily urges have always been a taboo topic in the Philippines. That’s why a lot of young adults—especially those from affluent families, tend to keep their sexual journey to themselves. The negative connotation of talking about sex and hook-up culture is clouded with prejudice and judgment. 

Naked Honesty: Society Insider Opinions About Hook-Up Culture
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The usual negative views come from the older generation, especially those from wealthy families. Upholding conservative traditions and keeping a pure image is important for them. The negative view is quite understandable since they are a product of their time. But now that they are parents and grandparents, how do the young generations from their family view it?

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Stripped Tease

Lifestyle Asia had the opportunity to interview a Gen Z young adult from an old-money Filipino-Chinese family regarding hook-up culture. The interviewee asked to keep some information about himself and his family confidential for privacy purposes.

He gave us a brief background about his family. His parents are Filipino-Chinese—his father works as a division head for a manufacturing company and  his mother is a corporate sales manager for one of the largest conglomerates in the country. His family’s wealth comes from his grandfather, who owned multiple factories in Binondo and Davao. 

“I come from a Chinese family that practices the Catholic faith. And my family is super close like we see each other every weekend, so everyone knows what is going on in each other’s lives,” he explained. The close family ties and the family’s religion hugely influence their lives.

Bold Reality

The further rise of hook-up culture came to be because of the creation of applications that are meant for dating or just the occasional hook-up. The whole essence of hook-up culture strays away from the idea that sex is a covenant rather than a bodily urge. The latter idea is embedded in the minds and culture of those who are from the older generation—especially those who are religious. “Oh, its very taboo especially in a Chinese family and in a family that practices the Catholic faith,” the interviewee affirmed.

Naked Honesty: Society Insider Opinions About Hook-Up Culture
Photo by Womanizer Toys via Unsplash

”They see the act of sex as something you do after marriage and should be planned because raising a family costs money. Also, it is a ‘sin’ to hook up with someone you do not know,” he explained. The opinion comes from a place of religious perspective. The opinion of the interviewee’s family regarding hook-ups represents the opinion of the majority in the country.

Hook-up culture in the Philippines is a shunned practice. The idea of sharing your body with someone you barely know irks a lot of people. The idea is not surprising because of the predominantly conservative culture and views of Filipinos. “So really everyone is confined to a specific thing in life and traditions should be followed,” he said. 

Undressed Truth

The interviewee approached the topic with an open mind when he was asked about his views on hook-up culture.  “I do not believe in any religion. I think hookup culture is ok for me. And there’s nothing wrong with it. As long as both people are having consensual sex,” he explained. The interviewee’s faith, or the lack thereof, enables him to understand where people who participate in hook-up culture come from. 

Naked Honesty: Society Insider Opinions About Hook-Up Culture
Photo by Cottonbro Studio via Pexels

Hook-up culture can be attributed to one’s bodily autonomy. Choosing what you want for your body and what you do with it—in this context, sex—practices the idea that you are responsible for the decisions you make with your own body. Though of course, hook-up culture is not all positive, there are also drawbacks and negative effects. 

The reality of hook-ups is different for everyone—but one thing is constant, sex is not just purely physical. Sure, sharing a bed, moving your body to the pace or rhythm your partner is going at is euphoric, but the reality is that sex is also a soul exchange. You give away a piece of yourself every time you do it.  It is important to know the boundaries and lines you shouldn’t cross before entering into a physical relationship.

Banner photo by Womanizer Toys via Unsplash.

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