'Amazing Possibles': Influential Parents Celebrate Children’s Milestones

Every parent experiences joy when their child reaches a milestone. Whether it is uttering the first word, taking the first unassisted step, or earning the first academic award in school, the parents’ happiness is beyond compare. Influential moms like Cat Arambulo-Antonio, Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez, and Xandra Rocha-Araneta have experienced these and more. Together, they celebrated a parent’s rewarding moments in Nestlé NANKID’s campaign Amazing Possibles. Through an exhibit in the Yuchengco Museum, guests learned the stories of featured parents in exploring their children’s potential and future.

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Bianca Roque-Brandner, Yanee Alvarez, Nikki Garcia, Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez, and Xandra Rocha-Araneta.

Exploring the amazing possibles

In Xandra Rocha’s Instagram post, she explained why the campaign was called “Amazing Possibles” rather than “Amazing Possibilities.” The latter implies a likelihood with conditions or limitations that bound it. In contrast, “possibles” suggest certainty and a world of limitless opportunities.

At the campaign launch, influential parents shared how their children continue to make them proud. For Cat Arambulo, she revealed her initial fear of pressuring Alana. After all, Alana is the daughter of a well-known fashion and beauty icon. Yet Cat expressed pride and relief that her three-year-old is becoming her own person. She is growing up to be confident in her decisions like knowing what she wants to wear. Likewise, Cole Hernandez changed her perspective on how her son Alonzo is showing his quick wit, especially in making his classmates laugh. Each influential parent conveyed their happiness at their children’s small milestones.

Cat Arambulo-Antonio as one of the speakers and Stephanie Zubiri-Crispi as the host of the campaign launch.

Proud mothers

Bianca Brandner expressed her joy at being able to know other parents’ inspiring stories. She shared in a post, “As a parent, one of the greatest gifts I could give my children is to allow and encourage them to be their own person and have the confidence to believe in their own voice, however different or unconventional it is.” Even Mikaela Martinez was thrilled to know all about the campaign. She said, “Last night truly inspired me to recognize all these [limitless realities and certainties] in my own children.

Aside from the short talks, Nestlé NANKID held four different exhibits to present a child’s wonderful possibilities. The exhibits featured a collection of mementos portraying items that evoke nostalgia, a gallery of captured moments of amazement, several inspiring stories, and advocacies. The last exhibit showed Nestlé’s heritage of nurturing growth and development for the children. The campaign is truly an unforgettable celebration of the joys of being a parent.

Scroll below to see the event photos.

Cristalle Belo-Pitt and Scarlet Snow Belo had fun at the campaign launch. (Photos from Nestlé)
Bianca Roque-Brandner and Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez. (Photos from their Instagram accounts)

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