New Age Fashion: The First-Ever A.I. Fashion Week Debuts In New York

Artificial Intelligence is on the rise–artists push the boundaries of what technology can do by creating runway shows.

It is a custom that models would strut different runways to showcase clothes and accessories every fashion week. Designers would hire models of different shapes and sizes to model the collection for clients and consumers. Staging a show takes a lot of time and resources–creativity-wise, designers use gimmicks that would make the runway more enticing. 

Starting from the first line drawn in the sketchbook to the last dress modeled on the runway, designers take their time to create impeccable fashion shows. Blood, sweat, tears, and money are funneled into creating collections. It makes the fashion industry beautiful—the process makes every stitch meaningful. 

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New Landscape 

The process of creating collections by brands has undergone little changes for the past decade or more. The traditional method of sketching designs and making patterns is changing rapidly. With recent technology enabling users to create something through a mere idea instantly, the fashion landscape is about to change. 

The trend for designers to conduct digital collections started in 2020 during the pandemic. A Congolese designer of a contemporary brand, Anifa Mvuemba, debuted her collection by using 3D models to showcase the clothes. Mvuemba’s show for her brand, Hanifa, became a beacon of inspiration and innovation during the pandemic. 

The collection made through 3D modeling was just a start for a newer, more digital fashion landscape. Following such innovation, a plethora of new designers are creating collections through Artificial Intelligence, or A.I. as we fondly call it. The rise of A.I. is evident in different fields, especially in creative spaces. 

Impact In The Industry

The A.I. Fashion Week debuted in New York this April 20-21, 2023. The event was a competition made for A.I. artists to showcase their talents in design through the use of artificial intelligence platforms and tools. The competition gained over 350 submissions for the first-ever A.I. fashion week. All the elements in the collection, from the clothes, models, sets, and even the attendees should be made through artificial intelligence. The goal of the competition was to push the boundaries of fashion and technology—two different worlds colliding.

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With A.I. taking over, the future of the fashion industry faces a big question. Will A.I. replace the traditional process of making clothes? What will happen to the people who work in fashion now that technology can replace their jobs? All these questions point out one subject, the humans of fashion. From the designers, pattern makers, ateliers, set designers, and models, all these roles are occupied by human beings—and with A.I. on the rise, jobs are at stake. Is it still fashion if there is no human touch involved?

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