This is How the Guest List of New PH MEGA Equality Ball was Built

The New PH social media campaign of MEGA magazine is a celebration of Filipino excellence. For years, MEGA brings the campaign to life with a grand ball hosted every Independence Day. This year, the MEGA Equality Ball applauds the call for equality and freedom for all. Celebrities, society figures, and influencers from all over the country join the celebration. Yet this event does not simply entail sending out invitations to everyone as there are special considerations. From advocacy frontrunners to supporters, we’ve decided to explore how this year’s New PH guest list was built.

Building from the concept

In galas and events, there are many considerations for inviting guests. Building the guest list always depends on the kind and concept of the celebration. New PH planning always starts a year before. MEGA Editor-in-Chief Peewee Isidro shares, “We determine the concept of the ball, look out for individuals who are making waves abroad and locally. We come up with a list of our awardees [and] from there, [we] come up with a guest list.”

This year’s New PH concept considers both local and global events. While the ball happens on Independence Day, June also celebrates Pride Month. The two celebrations hatched an idea to embrace diversity and self-expression. This achieves equality and freedom, and thus the MEGA Equality Ball was born. From this concept, the guest list was built. This includes society from the LGBTQ+ community like Angie Mead King and Francis Libiran, figures like Nico Bolzico and designers like Gabbie Sarenas who are both New PH awardees this year. Their stories and work in their industries inspire people to embrace nationalistic pride and identity.

Strengthening the campaign

Building the guest list also relies on identifying and modifying the patterns over the past campaigns. This year, New PH intends to surpass last year’s 15.7 M total impression and engagement on social media. MEGA magazine is also applying for the most number of uploaded magazine covers in the Guinness World Record. To do this, MEGA photographed a mix of celebrities, influencers, and young people. They uploaded their photos on social media with a caption on how this Independence Day marks not only national pride but standing in solidarity for equality and freedom for all.

Apart from widening the digital reach of the campaign, MEGA partnered with Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray and American drag queen/artist
Karl Philip Michael Westerberg or also known as Manila Luzon. They graced the covers of MEGA’s June 2019 issue as these two well-known figures campaign for equality and freedom. The social work of Catriona focuses on opening opportunities for access to education while Manila campaigns for self-expression with her work in the entertainment industry. With them as frontrunners of the campaign, MEGA Equality Ball has invited different personalities and young society whose stories and work also support the call to embrace diversity.

LEFT: Alfonso, Christina, and Karl Chusuey. RIGHT: Javi Martinez and Tim Yap at the New PH 2018 will also attend MEGA Equality Ball. Photograph from Xander Angeles.

Celebrating diversity

As the guest list relies on the theme of the ball, then diversity is an important factor. There must be a mix of personalities, influencers, and young people to grace the event. Among society, the guest list includes Dra. Vicki Belo, Dr. Z and Dra. Aivee Teo, Ann Ong, Bang Pineda (a New PH awardee), and Tim Yap, together with young society like Karl Chusuey, Jacqui Dizon,and Nikki Huang. With this mix, the ball will create a lively atmosphere from the pleasant conversations of the guests. With their personalities, backgrounds, and work in various industries, the MEGA Equality Ball will certainly be a memorable celebration for all.

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