Trendy Hairstyles Worth Trying This 2024

These trendy hairstyles provide flattering and on-fleek looks that are absolutely perfect for welcoming the new year.

It is another chance to be the best version of ourselves now that the New Year has commenced. Becoming our absolute best could mean a lot of things, and it includes our inner personality and physical appearance. Welcoming the New Year is, however, the perfect time to don trendy hairstyles to start 2024 with a boost of confidence.

Our hair is our crowning glory, so it’s important to be thorough and elaborate when choosing a hairstyle. We’ve rounded up the possible trends for this year which you could consider flaunting.

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Elegance in the form of butterfly layers

Butterfly layers hug every nook and cranny of your face as per Allure. This style provides flattering and softening corners. Using extended layers frames the face nicely and adds an ample amount of volume, making a very stylish and trendy hair to sport. 

The signature look of a butterfly layer hairdo involves placing the bangs away from the face, an alluring look that emphasizes the beautiful you.

Sydney Sweeney donning a butterfly-layered hair
Sydney Sweeney donning butterfly-layered hair/Photo from Instagram @sydney_sweeney 

Glamour reported as well that having butterfly layers gives you the ultimate “rom-com hair.”  A lot of rom-com heroines sported the trendy hairstyle, with a popular one coming from Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green of the sitcom Friends from its earlier seasons.

Jennifer Aniston’s popular hairdo from Friends
Jennifer Aniston’s popular hairdo from Friends/Photo from Pinterest @hiral37643 

Look stylish with a polished shag

If you’re a person who has either a regular bob cut or a shaggy style, Allure says that the polished shag hairdo is for you. The longer, more straight layers, and the bottle shape and flipped ends of a polished shag makes it a more interesting choice for your look in 2024.

The diagonal layers of this style make it easier to move around and also creates volume. Having a polished shag not only looks beautifully inventive, but it also creates drama for a captivating effect.

Jenna Ortega’s polished shag during January last year’s Golden Globes
Jenna Ortega’s polished shag during last year’s Golden Globes/Photo from Instagram @davestanwell 

Byrdie said that donning a shag in general looks casual and effortless but with the right fringes, it’s a style you wouldn’t want to miss.

The youthfulness of a wavy blunt bob

A blunt bob involves hair which are all the same length and not much distinct layers. Adding waves to this style makes it more alive and creates a modern twist to the classic bob as per Harper’s Bazaar. Allure weighed in that slightly tousled waves give the hair a natural and a more “lived in” look.

Emma Myers looked glamorous with wavy bob hair
Emma Myers looked glamorous with wavy bob hair/Photo via Instagram @ememyers

The waves make room for the ends to be a little lighter as well to allow fuller and denser looks, making it one of the most trendy hairstyles this year.

Waves add volume and flair to a regular bob
Waves add volume and flair to a regular bob/Photo from Pinterest (Maxprint)

Turn heads with trendy colors 

This wildcard includes a hair trend for the people who are not afraid to be their boldest selves this year. May it be ombre, soft balayage, pastel colored hair, or vibrant hues, they will be finding a place in the trends this year according to cosmetics company L’Oréal and The Right Hairstyles. With the right amount of confidence and hair care, a play of colors can make a praise-worthy look that can turn heads.

A mix of blondes, red-browns, apricots, and combination colors look like they could dominate the trends for 2024 as per Glamour.

Red shades may become a hot pick this 2024
Red shades may become a hot pick this 2024/Photo from Gabriel Silvério via Unsplash

A chin-length or a classic bob’s charm

Sporting a chin-length bob cut accentuates a person’s facial features. Allure said that this particular cut gives a person a clean, fresh, and playful look. Singapore-based salon S.A.D.’s Hair Design expressed that the style suited people with oval or heart-shaped faces but could also accentuate the chins of those with round or square faces. 

Elle UK reported that the bob cut goes way back 1909 due to Polish-born hairdresser Antoine de Paris’s discovery. However, it doesn’t have to look vintage as you can always incorporate new trends to this style, like a suitable color or add bangs and layers. Go for this if you want a low-maintenance and versatile hairdo.

A chin-length bob, one of the trendy hairstyles worth trying this year
A chin-length bob, one of the trendy hairstyles worth trying this year/Photo from Keren Fedida via Unsplash

The right time for trendy hairstyles is now

People say that things turn for the best when you’re at the right place at the right time, but really, is there a better time to reinvent ourselves than right now? The new year brings out a fresh new start for everyone, so we’re invited to come as our best selves as 2024 commences. 

Besides, the right time is actually when you deem it to be. So, get out there, pamper yourselves, and be the new and improved you this year.

Banner photo from Instagram @ememyers.

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