NewJeans’ Haerin Is This French Luxury House’s New Brand Ambassador

The 16-year-old K-pop idol is the final member to become the face of a luxury brand.

Last Wednesday, Dior named NewJeans’ Haerin as its newest global ambassador. The brand deal proves the international success of the South Korean girl group.

The group’s official Instagram account announced that Haerin will be Dior’s Jewelry Global Ambassador as well as its Fashion and Beauty House Ambassador.

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Many have already speculated about this brand deal since Haerin was featured on the cover of Vogue Korea wearing Dior fine jewelry.

“This is an opportunity to celebrate the privileged ties binding more than ever the NewJeans singer and Dior. Between elegance and audacity, a unique friendship in the name of creativity,” the fashion house said in a statement.

All members of NewJeans now have existing contracts with various luxury brands: Minji for Chanel, Hanni for Gucci and Armani Beauty, Danielle for Burberry and YSL Beauty, and Hyein for Louis Vuitton.

NewJeans’ Haerin Dior Ambassador
Haerin for Dior | Image via Instagram @newjeans_official

Dior also signed on K-pop star Jisoo from Blackpink back in 2021, so the company is already well aware of these idols’ global impact.

As for the brand’s male ambassadors, Dior has chosen BTS’ Jimin, EXO’s Sehun, and Astro’s Cha Eunwoo.

NewJeans has taken the world by storm, being representatives of Gen Z while staying true to their Y2K concept. Their debut song “Attention” currently has 47 million views on YouTube. Their other singles “Ditto” and “OMG” have charted on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Banner image via Instagram @newjeans_official.

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