Sofitel Celebrates French Week with Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne Dinner

In celebration of French Week, Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila hosted an exclusive dinner highlighting Nicolas Feuillatte at Le Bar. Sofitel’s Chef Julien Cossé prepared a vibrant 5-course menu paired with the luxurious champagne. The lavish dinner brought a wonderful culinary experience for the brand ambassadors and guests of the night.

(Photographs courtesy of Sofitel Philippine Plaza)

Tasting the flavors of France

Chef Julien Cossé featured different premium bottles of Nicolas Feuillatte champagne in his menu. The dinner began with Baked Oysters with Spinach, Guanciale, Champagne Sabayon, Dill & Salmon Caviar. The burst of the salty taste of the oyster paired well with the Brut Reserve. Its harmonious blend of chardonnay and pinot noir offers a supple character. It is light and has a fresh opening with juicy pear and apricot merge notes, an ideal for pre-dinner nibbles.

(Photographs courtesy of Sofitel Philippine Plaza)

Foie Gras Terrine with Calvados and Salted Butter Caramelized Apple, Granny Smith & Raisin Chutney, and Toasted Brioche came after the oysters. It was paired with Demi-Sec that is a precise blend of sweetness. This creamy champagne complemented the mousse-like texture of the Foie Gras. Its caramelized apple slices were elevated when the richness of the champagne lingered. Demi-Sec is ideal for light desserts like fruit cheesecake and exotic dishes like Honeyed duck breast.

(Photographs courtesy of Sofitel Philippine Plaza)


For the main, Lobster Tortellini a l’Americaine paired with Blanc de Blanc. It showcases a pure grape taste and other fruits. Its strong character was perfectly offset with the savory taste of the Tortellini soup. Every bite into the soft Tortellini intermingled with the overwhelming fruit and floral flavors of the champagne. It is perfect to pair with other seafood courses like oysters and crayfish.

(Photographs courtesy of Sofitel Philippine Plaza)

Next was the Lamb Wellington with Roasted Baby Vegetables and Truffled Gratin Dauphinois, Light Jus & Cacao paired with Palmes d’or Brut Vintage 2006. The champagne offers endless notes of honey, bees’ wax, and tropical fruits. Hence, it has a strong scent reminiscent of dried fruits. Yet the dominance of the aroma and its fruity character paired well with the tenderness of the lamb and softness of the Truffled Gratin.

(Photograph courtesy of Sofitel Philippine Plaza)

Capping off with a sweet delight

A delightful dessert closed the lavish dinner. Sofitel served Gianduja Pistachio Crunch with Raspberry Yogurt Sorbet. The plating of the dessert almost made it difficult to taste. A unique cave-like chocolate structure encloses the top of the Gianduja. Edible gold and leaf trimmings embellish the chocolate. The raspberry offsets the sweet Gianduja while the Pistachio adds a punch of crunch to the melt-in-your-mouth dessert. The red summer fruit flavors of Brut Rosé adds a light and refreshing taste that lingers even after finishing off the dessert.

Sofitel’s champagne dinner presented a vibrant array of French flavors. The five-course menu highlighted the finest Nicolas Feuillatte bottles. The interweaving of the dishes with the different luxurious champagne certainly offered a unique gastronomic engagement to the guests.

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