4 Luxury Bags You Can Use To Achieve The Overstuffed Aesthetic

Achieve the effortlessly chic aura of Jane Birkin and the Olsen Twins by adding these bags to your collection. 

Luxury consumers almost always keep their designer bags in pristine condition. From storing them in closets equipped with dehumidifiers to carrying custom raincoats for the bags, some people go to great lengths just to keep them in excellent condition. These people view luxury bags as tangible investments they can liquidate for money. However, not all those who buy luxury bags are protective of them. 

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Recently, people are appreciating the art of being carefree with luxury bags. Furthermore, the likes of Jane Birkin and The Olsen Twins, Mary Kate and Ashley, are the style inspiration of this trend. These women are seen with beat-up, overstuffed, and well-used Birkin or Kelly bags from Hermès—a stark contrast to how people treat these investment bags. 

Jane Birkin’s Hermès Birkin/ Photo via CBS Sunday Morning Youtube Channel

Rugged, natural, and carefree best describe the style on the rise. Many people are exploring this new way of carrying a luxury bag around. The nature of the style caught the attention and captivated people. Furthermore, you can also try this trend on other designer bags. These are some handbags you can use to get on the overstuffed style.

The Row

Branded as the new “It” bag of 2024, The Row’s Margaux is perfect for the overstuffed style. The tote-shaped bag is designed for putting all your daily necessities on the go. The minimalist design is an ideal canvas for putting different accessories to make it look worn and used.

Margaux 17/ Photo via The Row website

Bottega Veneta 

The Bottega Veneta Andiamo is a leather-weaved masterpiece. The Intrecciato weaving pattern Bottega is known for makes up the top handle bag. Furthermore, the minimalist knot detail makes the bag look effortless.

Large Andiamo/ Photo via Bottega Veneta website

Miu Miu 

The IVY bag from Miu Miu is an unstructured tote bag perfect for being carefree. The wide handles and opening of the bag add character to the nonchalant aesthetic. Furthermore, the spacious compartment juxtaposed with the slump silhouette is perfect for achieving the overstuffed and used style.

IVY leather bag in Caramel/ Photo via Miu Miu website


Taking a different approach, the Ferragamo Hug Pouch is a two-way bag that looks effortlessly chic. The envelope detail resting on the unstructured bodice of the bag embodies the Mary Kate and Asley Olsen aesthetic. Carrying it like a clutch or crossbody will not change how the bag exudes carefree energy.

Hug Pouch/ Photo via Ferragamo website

Banner photo by MJ Calayan via The Row, Ferragamo, Miu Miu, and Bottega Veneta‘s websites.

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