No Love Lock Down: How To Say ‘I Do’ in the New Normal?

Amid the pandemic, soon-to-be spouses are faced with a challenge on the options they can take to be united in marriage.

A momentous occasion like a wedding takes a lot of time and effort to plan and prepare. While some prefer the solitude of an intimate marriage, others want to celebrate with a grand gathering, defined by the couples’ choice of lovely decor, floral arrangements, catering—the whole magic. But now, the world is still fighting against the pandemic. So, how will soon-to-weds mark the beginning of a new chapter in their lives? Should they do it virtually like most gatherings these days, push through the physical wedding but limit the guests, or opt for possibly the toughest option—wait the pandemic out?

virtual wedding ceremony. (Photo from The Daily Wasp)

Virtual marriage

Birthday celebrations, meetings, conferences, and every other get-together now are done online. So, what should stop couples from holding virtual weddings as well? This option became necessary especially with the adjustment, postponement, and worse, cancellation of marriage plans amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thankfully, the House of Representatives recently filed a bill allowing such a ceremony. The original Family Code of the Philippines in Article 2 states that a solemnizing officer must be present to validate the marriage. But to adapt to the present situation, the proposed bill seeks to amend it. Apart from having the couples be physically together during the ceremony, the solemnizing officer can be remotely or virtually present. Religious leaders, the Consul-General, or Vice-Consul of the Philippines may officiate the marriage as well.

This proposed bill is also applicable to Filipino citizens abroad planning to get married, granted the Philippine Consulate issues their marriage license.

(Photo from Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images)
A client tries on a wedding gown paired with mask. (Photo from Mustafa Kaya/Xinhua)

The new normal wedding

Under the more relaxed quarantine measures, people are now allowed to visit places that were closed early this year. However, couples who initially planned an entire grand celebration at this time of the year are faced with challenges. With new protocols in place, it is best to limit the number of guests to the nearest and dearest like immediate family. Couples may also request a simple, no-entourage set-up from wedding suppliers to limit the manpower and to take less time in transforming the venue.

The intimate nature of the wedding also allows for more time to personalize backdrops, decor, and of course, the bridal dress and the suit of the groom. After all, photographers would focus more on the couple now that there are not many candid moments from the guests to shoot.

(Photo from ThoughtCo)

For catering, having an extensive selection may seem like a wonderful idea. However, it only adds to the complexity of planning. Thus, couples must keep the menu simple and personal. Guests would certainly appreciate this nevertheless. Keep in mind to book a reliable supplier so the trust in planning and preparing the courses is already established.

Above all, safety is the priority and so only the necessary heads and creative team should stay in the venue to manage the ceremony.

(Photo from Elle)

Postponing the ceremony

While heartbreaking, moving the wedding to a later date is also a safe option for couples and their guests. The number of cases in the country continues to rise at an alarming rate. So, it is only natural for couples to postpone the wedding. This hurts those who had completed their preparations. However, the safety and health of everyone involved are more important than ever. Thus, it is best to wait until the pandemic is over. It is certainly tough to wait it out especially when both parties have been looking forward to it. For now, it is better to be safe and quarantined. It is a way to also strengthen the relationship as couples wait for the day they can be united in marriage.

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