Five International and Local Androgynous Fashion Brands

These fashion labels blur the line of gender with their design styles and aesthetic.

Fashion has always been one to mirror the current zeitgeist. The clothes that people wear reflect their experiences as a person and personality. Throughout history, clothes have always been gendered. From the cheongsam and the chang shan of China to the dresses and suits of the polonaise and the cloaks of the Victorian era, the spheres of gender have always separated clothes.

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As time progressed, the lines between gender became blurry. Gender fluidity is now the current spirit of the modern generation. With this, the boundaries of gender have also been blurred in the clothes worn. Androgynous fashion is on the rise as a reflection of a SOGIE-inclusive society. The clothes worn today have exceeded the boundaries of gender. The practice of androgynous dressing plays a significant role in self-expression. 

Few designer fashion houses, both locally and internationally, can execute androgynous fashion design seamlessly. These brands showcase their design prowess by transcending the boundaries of gender and codes of heteronormativity.


Demna, Balenciaga’s creative director, continued his signature androgynous design codes with the recent Balenciaga Resort 2024 collection. Though the fashion house originally made clothes for women and men separately, Demna brought his laid-back and seemingly genderless aesthetic to the brand. 

Androgynous style by Balenciaga
Balenciaga Resort 2024 collection/ Photo via Instagram @balenciaga

Rick Owens

A namesake brand by the American designer Rick Owens himself. Androgyny is one of this fashion house’s bread and butter. With oversized silhouettes inspired by brutalist architecture and its utopian ideals, Owens built his fashion house with the intention of breaking boundaries. 

Androgynous look by Rick Owens
Rick Owens SS23/ Photo via Instagram @rickowens

Carl Jan Cruz

This local eponymous brand by the young designer Carl Jan Cruz is making waves with his androgynous designs. A favorite designer by Gen Z personalities, Cruz’s raw but finished Filipino-coded design aesthetic elevates his status as a rising artist.

Carl Jan Cruz androgynous fashion
Gabbie Mariano in Carl Jan Cruz/ Photo via Instagram @gabbiemariano


A local men’s wear brand that uses 100% Filipino and sustainable pineapple tropical fabrics, AIRE inadvertently creates designs that are beyond gender norms. Classic minimalist styles that are effectively made make up the brand’s androgynous design identity. 

AIRE androgynous fashion
Photo via Instagram @ilardeliza

Uswag Artesano 

A brand built upon the capitalization of heritage and the culture of craftsmanship. Uswag Artesano is a local brand that champions local Leyte artisans and androgyny in the accessories department. With accessories that can fit your next perfect beach getaway, this brand uplifts your style and the community at the same time.

Uswag Artesano  androgynous fashion
Photo via Instagram @uswag_artesano

Banner Photo via Instagram @balenciaga.

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