This Luxe Accessories Brand Is The Epitome Of Slow Fashion

Opulence, artisanship, and Filipino creativity intersect to marvelous effect, resulting in whimsical and imaginative designs.

The value of craft and artisanship has pride of place in the workshop of Valdes Designs. Helmed by sisters Bea and Marga Valdes, this is where fanciful accessories and densely adorned minaudières are made. 

Here we behold one such beaded specimen, the Rama clutch in canvas, embellished with oceanic accents and laced with gold. “Fruits of the sea” as Marga would call it. The piece is akin to the many whimsically ornate creations Valdes Designs is famous for. 

Valdes Designs' Rama clutch in canvas
Image courtesy of Valdes Designs

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“Our constant will always be spotlighting Philippine embroidery. The theme of the collection we were making focused on distinctly Filipino touchpoints. Sewing with gold chain, seashells, and pearls pays homage to our archipelagic roots,” shares Marga.

Hand crafted pieces by Valdes Designs
Image via Instagram @v.a.l.d.e.s.d.e.s.i.g.n.s

With nary a bead out of place, such an intricate creation would easily take 12 days of meticulous work, also roughly 100 hours on the production floor. 

Bea, who also currently leads as the editor-in-chief of Vogue Philippines, described the place as one populated with “skilled artisans – predominantly female,” working in “tranquil clusters.”

Tropical baroque design
Image via Instagram @v.a.l.d.e.s.d.e.s.i.g.n.s

The brand is the epitome of slow fashion. Motivated by a desire to highlight Filipino talent and craftsmanship, it has inadvertently earned recognition on the global stage. 

“I hope the spotlight on our creatives in this industry, rightfully earned and duly claimed, will be used strategically to collectively elevate our design ecosystems for the generation following our footsteps,” Marga declares.

Banner image courtesy of Valdes Designs.

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