Autographed Michael Jordan Card Sells For $2.9 Million At Auction

The Logoman collectible is now the most expensive Michael Jordan card ever sold.

Goldin, home of rare collectibles and memorabilia, just sold a 2003 autographed Michael Jordan Logoman card for $2.928 million. The card was in the first part of the Goldin 100 Auction, becoming the top lot.

The sale, which had 38 bids, broke the record for highest price paid for any Jordan basketball card. The card bears a handwritten “1/1,” meaning that it is the only one in existence.

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This is Jordan’s very first signed Logoman card that features a patch cut from one of his game-used Chicago Bulls jerseys.

Michael Jordan Logoman card
Image via Goldin’s official website

According to Goldin, this card’s whereabouts were unknown for years. That is, until someone submitted it to the Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) in 2022. This sale marked the first time it was available in a public auction.

Card grader PSA gave the collectible an “Authentic” grade and a perfect 10 on the autograph. “The card itself displays a highly favorable manner of appearance, with any evidence of past circulation barely perceptible to the naked eye,” Goldin wrote.

“Cards possessing this awe-inspiring combination of style, exclusivity, and historical significance do not frequently exchange hands, making this auction event a truly once-in-a-lifetime offering.”

Michael Jordan Logoman card
Image via Goldin’s official website

CEO Ken Goldin stated that the card is the “Single, greatest Michael Jordan trading card ever produced. And should be the most valuable.” 

According to Goldin, no one had seen the card except in photographs since it was pulled in 2003. The individual collector who pulled the legendary card held on to it for 20 years and kept it in great condition.

Banner image by Joshua Massel via Wikimedia Commons.

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