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In a world where fashion moves at such a fast pace, the ultimate luxury is at times something made with intention, and just for you. Here we explore the most covetable personalized treasures – from monogrammed bags, to made-to-order footwear, to bespoke jewelry, and more. 

If style is regarded as one the most creative forms of self-expression, then personalized fashions must represent the pinnacle of this sartorial quest. There’s just something about pieces that that are unique, and made just for oneself, that make them truly a cut above. It also allows the wearer to become a part of the design development process, making even the item’s backstory special. 

Admittedly, getting something personalized takes more time, and effort. Custom-made Hermes bags, often called HSS bags, can have a wait time of six months to three years according to auction house Christie’s. That is, if one gets offered this rarest of services at all, as even the French brand’s most desirable Birkins and Kellys are already hard to come by. But the luxury of getting to craft a purse to one’s specifications, and that elusive horseshoe stamp beside the brand for these custom orders, is the ultimate get for some lovers of the brand. 

Luckily, the popularity of customization has inspired many a Maison to include it in their line-up. Witness a bevy of brands, honoring their clients with the freedom to personalize their pieces. Fine jewelers of course, have long offered bespoke gems, with modern iterations perfect both or every day and also special occasions. Furthermore, personalized pieces make the most thoughtful gifts, certain to be cherished and loved. Here we take a look at some of the best in fashion and beauty, crafted to delight even the most discerning. 

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Precious Monograms

We’re always looking for ways to give our looks that personal touch. And what could be more special than putting our names or initials onto our most beloved bags. Naturally, a brand that has taken it to heart is Louis Vuitton. The legendary brand has been decorating its trunks and leather goods with its own initials since 1896. Aside from aesthetics, its signature logo was also created to prevent the counterfeiting of their hugely popular trunks. Now, clients can also add their own initials onto the brand’s pieces, to make these items even more of their own. 

Not to be outdone, another French brand known for including initials amidst stylish tessellations of their iconic pattern is Goyard. Inspired by the tradition of his log-driving ancestors including initials onto the firewood they transported, founder François Goyard adapted this practice onto his brand. Today, clients can visit their boutiques to have everything from totes to card wallets painted by hand with their initials, and stripes of their own choosing.

Parisian couture house Dior is another star in the realm of luxurious personalization. And its Dior Book Tote is a clear fan favorite. The bag, which comes in a variety of idyllic French toile patterns, can also be customized with one’s name. Alternatively, those inclined towards a more polished alternative would delight in the Lady Dior My ABCDior bag. Finish off this pretty purse with your initials on the strap to create a truly exclusive piece.

Bejeweled Symbols

Jewelry adorned with one’s name or initials is a beautiful way to celebrate one’s identity. Or when given as a present, likewise a way to honor friendship, family, or love. Modern interpretations courtesy of Manila’s talented jewelers give it a fun spin, and turn them into instant classics. 

We can’t get over the stylish interpretations of Joier Janina by Janina Dizon. Witness as the she plays around with the contours of the alphabet to sculpt letters into diamond rings and gold pendants. Equally lovely are her enamel pendants and cuffs, decorated with letters or symbols of one’s choice. And given that it’s hard to choose just one amongst her stunning array of bespoke finery, one can also opt for a chunky chain necklace, decorating it with charms to tell one’s unique story. 

Kristine Dee’s precious jewels are likewise conversation starters, made even more memorable when personalized with one’s initials. Diamond letters and symbols adorn her pendants, crafted out of quartz, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, malachite and turquoise. Celestial symbols are yet another fountain of inspiration, resulting in pendants decorated with one’s zodiac sign. The stylish jeweler also loves layering her necklaces and bracelets, interspersing her charms with pearl and diamond strands to amazing effect. 

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Customized Treasures

With fashion’s love for customization reaching a fever pitch, even our accessories have accessories. Case in point, Fendi’s “Make Up Your Peekaboo” campaign, and all the adorable accoutrements one can choose from to make this timeless bag so much more personal. Dress up your Peekaboo with a variety of straps, handles, silk bandeaus or even a mini Peekaboo charm. Additionally, select boutiques of the Italian brand offer a made-to-order service. This allows clients to select the materials and details of one’s Fendi bag for a truly bespoke piece. 

Elevate even the smallest details of your wardrobe by customizing them with your name. Charriol’s Forever Yours bangles allows one the option of spelling out one’s name, and comes in a variety of metal finishes. If you’re keen on expressing your personality even more, then opt for a writing instrument engraved with one’s cherished moniker or initials, like those from Montblanc.

Signature Scents

Nowadays it seems we’re all looking for that elusive fragrance to capture our personality and mood. And if it can be a scent that is truly unique to us, then all the better. One way to do that is by layering fragrances to create an olfactive bouquet like no other. 

Chloe’s Atelier des Fleur collection is the brand’s homage to nature, capturing the fleeting beauty of fragrant flowers, aromatic leaves, and comforting woods. Created in collaboration with the world’s most prominent noses, it centers upon their favorite flowers at its heart, enhanced by their own olfactive memories to create intimately beautiful fragrances.

Concoct your own perfume cocktail with the luminous elixirs, which can be worn alone or seamlessly layered in twos and threes like crafting a Parisian floral bouquet. With more than a dozen scents, available at their atelier in Rustan’s Makati, the combinations are endless and allow one to truly enjoy the artistry of perfumery. 

Bulgari’s Allegra collection is another perfume line that’s designed to be layered. Start with the indulgent perfumes, like Fiori D’Amore for velvety, fruity roses or Riva Solare to evoke a sunny, citrusy Mediterranean day. Enhance these scents with Magnifying Essences –  elegant interpretations of singular notes like vanilla, sandalwood, bergamot, and more.

Ferragamo’s Storie di Seta line is yet another invitation to play around with perfumery. Inspired by imagined worlds, the line’s fresh scents all have a silk accord that ties them all together. Try Foreste di Seta if you’re into green scents, and Giardini di Seta if you love fruity floral notes. 

Olfactory Marvels

Fans of Maison Margiela’s fragrances will likewise rejoice to hear that they’ve opened their first shop in Greenbelt 5. Immerse yourself in a sanctuary of mood and memory, courtesy of the their cult favorite Replica perfumes. As is tradition for the brand, patrons can personalize the label of their perfume bottle, making the experience all the more special. The brand likewise carries a range of scented candles, as well as home and bath products.

Banner photo by Alexandra Maria from Pexels.

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