One With the Elements: This Historical Paris Hotel Offers Wellness Experiences for the Mind, Body, and Soul - Travel

Hotel Lutetia’s Akasha Spa concept offers “ritual” treatments revolving around air, water, fire, and earth.

Hotel Lutetia is one of Thee Set Collection’s most historic hotels. Located in Paris, the property re-opened its doors in 2018 after initially launching in 1910 by the Boucicaut family—who founded the city’s famous luxury department store Le Bon Marche. With their track record of restoring and operating cultural buildings, such as Amsterdam’s Conservatorium, The Set was trusted with the task.

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With architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte leading the project, he was instructed to blend contemporary design into the hotel while preserving its heritage and charm. Within just one year of opening, Hotel Lutetia earned the French Ministry of Tourism’s “Palace” status, which recognizes France’s nest ve-star hotels. Apart from its 184 rooms, including 47 suitesand eight signature suites (one o ers a 360-degree view of Paris), they provide holistic wellness experiences at their Akasha Spa.

Holistic wellness

Thee spa’s concept, reflected in its treatments and fitness coaching, is based on the four elements: air, water, re, and earth. First, the air is represented through the breathing protocols in all their treatments, including meditation in yoga. Secondly, for water, the use of its 17-meter pool and jacuzzi are offered to clients, which is a “ritual” to begin treatments.

Third is fire, where different exercise training is provided, from boxing to cross-training. Finally, for the earth, a curation of health-focused menus of meals and beverages from whole foods is available.

Recently, Akasha Spa has arranged more detailed and dedicated programs for the element of your choice. is includes di erent types of physical exercise training and body and facial treatments to boost overall well-being.

Images courtesy of Hotel Lutetia.

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