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From steaks, veal, foie gras, and even sashimi—any kind of carnivorous desire is satiated with these safe and convenient options.

Another bygone comfort of the pre-pandemic days is the indulgence of digging in a finely prepared slab of meat at a restaurant. Whether it be a ribeye steak, a lamb chop, or even a freshly caught and sliced sashimi platter; these are protein rich meat sides we miss when we go out. Luckily, now we have places that provide that same restaurant quality meats delivered straight to our doorsteps for us to slice, grill, sear, and enjoy ourselves. Here are our picks for the best online meat sources for your next at-home feast.

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Mayura Station

Mayura Station’s T-Bone Steak | Photo from Mayura Station

Considered the gold standard for Australian Wagyu, the heritage farm is the prime conditions for the finest 100% full-blood Wagyu beef. Mayura has been breeding the highest pedigree of Wagyu cattle since 1997 and has continued this practice now with sustainable means maintaining as the epicenter of outstanding Wagyu genetics outside of Japan.

Mayura Station beef is available for order through The Artisan Cellar Door, visit their Instagram page for more information.


The Bow Tie Duck

Guan­ciale Sta­gion­a­ta | Photo from The Bow Tie Duck

This online grocery offers delicatessen delivery of luxury fare from all over the world, some of their bestselling offerings include Ernest Soulard foie gras, Maison Loste Saucisson, Kaviari caviar, and Fine de Claire oysters

The Bow Tie Duck delivers once a week during GCQ to every city in Metro Manila. Order cuts off on Wednesdays and delivers on Saturdays. For orders and inquiries, visit their website here.


Prime Cut

Photo from Prime Cut

A local start-up butchery that serves premium meats sourced from all around the world. Prime Cut’s US Black Angus, Japanese Wagyu, Brazilian Grass-fed Beef, and other specialty meats come direct from the farms and international suppliers certified with world class raising and safety practices.

Prime Cut Meat & Deli delivers to Metro Manila, other major Luzon areas, and Iloilo. For more information, visit their Instagram and Facebook pages. 

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Deli PH

Photo from Deli.PH

An across the board grocery delivery site, Deli PH is a one-stop shop for quality meats such as Wagyu beef, whole duck, Chilean salmon, unagi, as well as some liquor selections to pair them with. Their Asian Deli section offers Mazendo pork dumplings, Har Gow shrimp dumplings, and jumbo scallops (with roe and shell).

Deli PH offers same-day delivery in Metro Manila from Monday to Saturday.


Sterling Silver Premium Meats

Aged Tomahawk | Photo from Sterling Silver Premium Meats

A preferred meat choice for well-marbled USDA beef steaks, chucks, tomahawks, ribs, and patties; Sterling Silver prides itself with their high-grade aged meats that make for a deep flavor profile. Their cuts are certain to elevate your next stew, ragu, burger, or steak dinner.

Sterling Silver’s beef products are available on Alternatives Food Corp. (AFC) Philippines, visit their Instagram page for more information.


Wild Caught PH

A box order of Wild Caught’s fresh fare | Photo from Wild Caught PH

Wild Caught PH practices sustainability with how they source their fish while maintaining their high-quality. Products range from whole and cleaned catch such as octopus, Lapu-Lapu, and baby cuttlefish. They also offer sashimi-grade tuna (also available in cubes for poke bowls), organic black tiger shrimp (available whole or peeled and deveined), and clams.

Wild Caught PH delivers within Metro Manila and some areas outside. Orders and inquiries can be made through their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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The Golden Catch PH

Hamachi Sashimi | Photo from The Golden Catch

Sushi lover? Then this is your go-to place. The Golden Catch’s menu will satisfy your sushi and sashimi craving in not time. Their sashimi roster includes Norwegian salmon, Yellowfin tuna, Toro Hamachi, fatty salmon, and Uni sashimi.

The Golden Catch dispatches orders in weekly batches, for more information check out their Instagram page.


Rare Food Shop

Bolzico Beef Steak | Photo from Rare Food Shop

This e-store focuses in all types of meat from beef, pork, lamb, and even plant-based alternatives. Rare Food Shop is also the exclusive distributor of Bolzico beef, along with other meat choices such as preserved deli meats from Txanton.

Rare Food Shop delivers nationwide. For orders and inquires, visit their website here.


Sous Vide Station

Vacuum packed steaks before being sous vide | Photo from Sous Vide Station

Lastly, if cooking meats is too much of a daunting task for you, Sous Vide Station might just be your favorite spot to skip a few steps and still get that perfectly cooked steak. They provide vacuum-sealed pre-cooked steaks and fillets that only need a quick sear or grill before serving. Their sous vide steaks can also be ordered with your favorite vino to pair it with for that easy and fuss-free dinner prep.

Sous Vide Station accepts orders through their Instagram page.

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