Two Filipino-Americans Achieve Their Olympic Dreams

These two Filipino-Americans continue to inspire us with their journey to the Olympics, showcasing the power and potential of Filipinos on the international stage.

It’s always a moment of pride and joy for Filipinos whenever we see our fellow countrymen making waves on the international stage. 

Whether in the news or in competitive arenas, seeing Filipinos excel fills us with a sense of pride and a strong desire to support them in their endeavors.

Filipinos have been proving themselves in various fields, and sports is no exception. 

Among the latest achievers are Peter Groseclose and Mitchell Saron, who have earned the honor of representing the Philippines at the Olympics.

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Peter Groseclose

Photo via Instagram @philippineskating

Peter Groseclose, a Filipino short track speed skater, sees the Winter Youth Olympic Games (YOG) at Gangwon 2024 as a stepping stone for the Milano Cortina 2026 Games. 

He is the first of three athletes from the Philippines to compete at the Youth Olympics.

“I’m very honored and grateful to become part of the Winter Youth Olympic Games representing the Philippines,” Groseclose said, according to the Olympics’ website

Competing in three events at the Gangneung Ice Arena, Groseclose participated in the men’s 1500m on January 20, 1000m on January 21, and 500 meters on January 22.

With his older sister being a figure skater, Groseclose expects Gangwon to be the first of many Olympic experiences. He aims to represent the Philippines in the 2026 Olympics. 

Photo via Instagram @philippineskating

Currently based in Virginia, he is coached by Hungarian two-time Olympic medalist John-Henry Krueger.

Gangwon 2024 is the fourth edition of the Winter Youth Olympic Games, held from January 19 to February 1.

Groseclose’s remarkable performance in the 500m short track speed skating, securing 5th place, according to SM Supermalls.

His performance not only secured the Philippines’ highest ranking in winter sports at an Olympic event but also strengthened the country’s reputation for excelling in a winter sport, despite its tropical climate.

Despite finishing 5th in the 500m, he recorded the 3rd overall fastest time among all 36 competitors, trailing only behind the United States of America (USA) and China.

Mitchell Saron

Photo via Instagram @mitchellsaron

Mitchell Saron is a Filipino American student at Harvard University. He recently secured a spot on Team USA’s fencing lineup for the 2024 Summer Olympics Games in Paris. 

As per Netshark, Saron, 23, will be competing in Men’s Saber for both individual and team categories.

Saron secured his spot after their fencing team won a silver medal at the Padua World Cup on March 3. Additionally, they also won a gold medal at the Men’s Saber World Cup in Budapest, Hungary, on March 24.

Photo via Instagram @usafencing

In an interview with The Harvard Crimson, Saron expressed his disbelief at his achievement, saying, “This achievement is a dream come true. One I’ve had since I was nine years old and first picked up a saber.”

Saron made significant lifestyle changes to prepare his body for Olympic qualification. This includes stopping drinking alcohol and transitioning to a diet consisting of grass-fed and wild-caught animals, as well as fermented vegetables.

Saron, whose mother is Filipino, shared that his great-grandfather was a swordsman in the Philippines. 

He said, “When you look to build your future, you can draw strength from your past. I’m so grateful to get to represent my family and continue the legacy.”

Before his latest achievement, Saron earned three First-Team All-Ivy honors, one First-Team All-American honor, one Second-Team All-American honor. He also won an individual NCAA title.

The team is scheduled to participate in the April North American Cup and Division I National Championships in Salt Lake City on April 25, followed by the Seoul Grand Prix on May 4-6.

Banner photo via Instagram @philippineskating and @mitchellsaron.

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