When Pop Meets Posh: A Story of Contemporary Furnishing by Opulence Design Concept - Featured Article

When picking out furniture and decor for your home, your personal taste should shine through. For those who prefer classics, it’s easy to find furnishing in your style in any department store or furniture boutique. But for those who have peculiar taste, finding pieces that reflect your personality can be a challenge. Opulence Design Concept has taken this opportunity to introduce modern and pop culture-inspired furniture to the local market. With designs ranging from colorful cartoon-influenced plates, lamps, and pillows, to sophisticated yet minimalist tables, chairs, and bedframes, the store has tapped a niche audience in the country.

Misura Emme
Stosa Cucine

Opulence Design Concept houses renowned Italian design labels like Fornasetti, Misura Emme, Stosa Cucine, and Vimar, and household names like Samsung and Harman. With this eclectic mix of names, the brand manages to offer a variety of living space necessities to even the most stylish and scrupulous of homeowners.

Gerry Sy, Jinky Tobiano Sy, Roxanne Farillas, Dong Ronquillo, Owner of Jagnus Design Arch. Sonny Sunga and Arch.Arnold Austria

Founded by husband and wife, Gerry and Jinky Sy, the brand intends to make luxury living a reality. The tandem shares a passion and single vision of making well-crafted furniture and home decor more accessible to every homeowner. Experts in providing solutions for hotels, condominiums and residential projects, the couple decided to expand into interiors and design. “Since we were already working with these businesses, automating spaces, TV systems, background music, CCTV and fire detection alarm systems, we thought, ‘Why not also provide clients with the fittings and furniture?’”

Jinky Tobiano Sy, Ambassador Giorgio Guglielmino, and Gerry Sy

Interiors have always been an interest, part-time hobby and passion shared by both Gerry and Jinky. “We would be very hands-on with designing and choosing items for our home and even our office,” says Gerry. Every year, they would even travel to Europe to attend design conventions or trade fairs to get a pulse for current movements and trends in the design world.

Each name that Opulence Design Concept holds in its store was chosen carefully by the couple to suit their preference, and to give homeowners a taste of something different and palatial. On the day that Opulence officially opened its doors, the chic design space filled up quickly. Welcome remarks were made by Italian Ambassador to the Philippines Giorgio Guglielmino. He expressed excitement over the innovative store concept that would bring the “Made in Italy” spirit closer to the hearts of many Filipinos. 

Intricate display areas for each brand greeted the guests, showcasing how they can further improve their homes. Stosa Cucine set up an intimate grazing table spread where guests took photos and nibbled on food provided by the Naked Patisserie, inspiring people to re-do their kitchens. Bedroom, living room and lounge areas were set up with pieces from Misura Emme to become cozy corners for casual conversation. An entire wall decked in Fornasetti’s decor became the most photographed backdrop during the event. Luxury systems provider Vimar took guests on a virtual tour at the showroom to explore the countless possibilities for incorporating the most stylish, state-of-the-art system solutions for the home. And contemporary living spaces dressed in Samsung and Harman appliances in the Opulence showroom helped to fully redefine what it means to dwell in well-appointed homes.

From the kitchen, living room, and bedroom to artsy accents, and smart solutions, there’s something new and mod you can find at Opulence Design Concept.

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