Pair Your Food With Cognac Like A True Connoisseur - LA Wine & Dine

We’ve raved about the alluring intricacies of cognac, even marking it as the new go-to drink for a perfect night out. Now, watch us as we dub it as the perfect complement to different types of cuisines—yes, you heard us right. Cognac is now applicable in the world of food pairings, as rightfully justified by TV personality, restaurateur, published author and internationally acclaimed chef, Jereme Leung.

Proving its versatility and complexity, Hennessy X.O. recently collaborated with Jeremy Leung to celebrate China’s culinary treasures at Conrad Manila’s China Blue. The culinary supernova and Five Star Diamond Awardee—one who is at-par with culinary legends such as Charlie Trotter, Paul Bocuse, Wolfgang Puck and Jean-Georges Vongerichten, presented his guests with a gastronomic 5-course meal that highlighted Hennessy X.O.’s multifaceted flavor profile.

Leung opened the festivities with a brief introduction of his elaborate menu, calculated to a tee and including the likes of wagyu beef, pork belly, flavors of dried spices and citrus, fresh seafood, ginger and spring onion, pistachios, and chocolate—all flavors perfectly heightened by the cognac’s bitter-sweet long aftertaste. Moēt Hennessy Brand Heritage Manager, Matthew Lerat, was also in attendance to welcome the night’s esteemed guests.

Mirroring a culinary icon such as Leung, we cannot wait to have a go at our own cognac-paired cuisines. This is definitely a new world of food-pairings we are excited to explore.

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