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Cartier’s new ambassadors embody the sui generis nature of the Pasha

With a watch as incomparable as the Pasha de Cartier, finding the right individuals who personify the same sense of divergence is tough. But five distinct people have emerged as the rightful icons of the timepiece. These young and successful artists have come as a cluster with their own sets of talents and nerve as the new ambassadors of the Pasha, forging unique and diverse paths of creativity for the new generation of virtuosos to follow.

Rami Malek

“I gravitate to roles that are inspiring and progressive. It’s my hope that some of these choices contribute to moving the industry forward.”

One glance at Rami Malek would lead you to think that he is an unassuming person. But give him a character to play and put him in front of the camera, and he transforms magnificently right before your eyes, completely and flawlessly acquiring the persona of his role with ease and expertise. This prowess in his craft earned him an Emmy Award for his portrayal of Elliot in the drama thriller series Mr. Robot and rock band Queen’s frontman Freddie Mercury in the biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, for which he won an Academy Award®, as well as SAG, BAFTA, and Golden Globe® awards. Committed to seeking out powerful, transformative roles that challenge expectations, Malek embodies what it means to be a Pasha ambassador.

Troye Sivan

“Who I am is very closely linked to what I make. I’m just saying exactly what I want to say and exactly how I want to say it. It’s a little terrifying but also really exhilarating. I’m really pushing myself to explore the edges of my creative pursuits.”

Thoughtful, a tad nostalgic, and absolutely romantic—Troye Sivan’s music bears the same semblance as his disposition. Every song reveals bits of him, making his albums seem like a melodious autobiography that’s free for everyone to enjoy and empathize with. His haunting vocals and tunes that hit highs and lows at just the right tempo are recognized worldwide. His first album Blue Neighbourhood hit the top of the iTunes charts in more than 66 countries, while his 2018 album Bloom was named one of the best albums of the year by Rolling Stone magazine. His authentic creativity and expression of his personality without compromise make him a natural new ambassador for the Pasha de Cartier watch.

Jackson Wang

“There’s no final destination in life, but every step towards your goal, every chapter in your history, is a big time for me. Just trust yourself and write your own history.”

Jackson Wang is the epitome of a successful eclectic artiste: he’s a rapper, singer, dancer, former fencing champion, founder, and creative director. He’s a member of the K-pop group GOT7 where he showcases his exceptional talents as a performer, while also doing his own music as a solo artist. In 2019, he created his own label, Team Wang, where he mixes hip-hop, R&B, and rap influences, as well as designing urban streetwear. After all, Wang is also known for his impeccable taste in fashion. His incredible versatility as a creator is evident throughout his diversified outlets. The multi-hyphenate draws his energy from a need to encourage young people to be themselves, becoming a source of inspiration for an entire generation of youths. This definition of progress—being open to the world and connected to others—links him directly to the Pasha de Cartier community. 

Maisie Williams

“To build something and take an idea from just an idea to a full-blown project, it really does take a village. So for me it’s about finding the right team, finding people who you trust.”

The world was won over by fantasy drama series Game of Thrones for years. People anticipated each weekly episode on HBO, and all of the stars who appeared on the show were slung straight to Hollywood fame. Among them was the young actress Maisie Williams, who joined the blockbuster series at the age of 12 and grew up in front of the world. She played the role of Arya Stark, for which she obtained two Emmy Award nominations. She has since made numerous films, and is now a committed entrepreneur at 23 years old. Williams established several start-ups intended to connect figures and creatives from the world of art, fashion, TV, cinema, literature, and music in order to initiate collaborative projects. This rewarding approach devises new, unique and creative paths, in line with the Pasha de Cartier community.

Willow Smith

“You always have to bite off more than you can chew to evolve as a person and especially as an artist, and prove to yourself that you can do this and that you can expand.”

Gutsy and brazen, Willow Smith doesn’t allow herself to be restricted by labels and boundaries. Rather, she defies and bends them to her will and purpose. As an all-around performer, activist, and fashion icon, she adapts to different genres and allows all areas of expression to serve her achievements. This open-mindedness echoes the progressiveness and diversity of the Pasha de Cartier community. The budding prodigy also hosts the talk show Red Table Talk with her mother and grandmother. The Emmy-nominated show deals with all the social and cultural issues of the moment through a trans-generational perspective, imparting wisdom and a fresh frame of mind to its watchers. 

These unparalleled creators are legends in their own rights. Together, they make up the new community of unique personalities for Pasha de Cartier—changing the codes of success by cultivating individuality and marching to the beat of their own drums.

For more information on the Pasha de Cartier and its new ambassadors, visit Cartier’s website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Cartier is located at Greenbelt 4, Solaire Resorts and Casino, and Rustan’s Shangri-La.

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