A Testament to Time: Patek Philippe Continues Their Legacy with the 2019 Watch Art Grand Exhibition - Featured Article

For nearly 200 years, renowned watchmaker Patek Philippe has seen the humble beginnings and grand evolution of the present wristwatch from a pocket timepiece to an everyday luxury staple. As the last independent family-owned watchmaking company, the Genevan manufacture has retained its legacy over centuries through the skilled hands of artisans. Today, Patek Philippe stands as an icon of craftsmanship and elegance sought after by royalty, world leaders, and famous personalities. To display the heritage of their exemplary timepieces, Patek Philippe is holding the 5th Watch Art Grand Exhibition at the Marina Bay Sands Theater in Singapore.

With the previous exhibitions held in Dubai, Munich, London, and New York, Patek Philippe president Thierry Stern and honorary president Philippe Sterne have decided it’s time to bring the exhibition to Singapore which is a key market to the brand. To make the event more memorable, the exhibition coincides with Singapore’s Bicentennial celebrations.

From Geneva, with Love

Mirroring the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva where most of the showcased pieces will be sourced, the exhibition’s Museum Room will be divided into two sections: the “Antique Collection” and the “Patek Philippe Collection.” The Antique Collection will give viewers a peek into the wonderful history of watchmaking. This includes some of the very first portable timepieces from the mid-16th century, richly enameled pocket watches, musical automata, and technical timepieces crafted by Europe’s most gifted watchmakers. On the other hand, the Patek Philippe Collection will display a selection of the manufacture’s most significant creations from 1839 up to the present day. Some of the most notable pieces in this collection are royal watches presented to Queen Victoria in 1851 during the Great Exhibition at the London Crystal Palace, the first Swiss wristwatch, and some of the most iconic Patek Philippe “supercomplications.”

Traveling Through Time

Spanning 1800 square meters, the exhibition is further subdivided into ten rooms–each with a different theme and distinct highlight. Guests can view the historic Patek Philippe film in the Cinema. Skillful artisans will demonstrate intricate techniques like enameling with wristwatches and table clocks in the Rare Handcrafts Room. In the Current Collection Room, audiences will be transported to the interiors of the Patek Philippe Salon on Rue du Rhone in Geneva. And as a special treat to commemorate Singapore’s 200th anniversary, an area will be dedicated to showcase selected timepieces and events from Patek Philippe’s timeline alongside key milestones in Singapore’s history. 

Witness the legacy of the Watch Art Grand Exhibition as it happens on September 28, 2019 to October 13, 2019.

For more information, visit Patek Philippe’s website

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