A Day of Luxury Living at The Westin Manila

In this event hosted by Lifestyle Asia and RLC Residences, guests indulged in the art of crafting exquisite bouquets while surrounded by fresh blooms and a delightful ambiance. 

RLC Residences, in collaboration with Lifestyle Asia, presents this enchanting event at Sky51—an exclusive amenity offered to unit owners in The Residences at The Westin Manila.

It is a place designed for relaxation and enjoyment, where you can indulge in fine dining and fine wine within an elegant atmosphere. 

On the sunny afternoon of September 4, 2023, The Residences at The Westin Manila welcomed a delightful gathering of guests to an exclusive flower arranging workshop. 

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RLC Residences and Lifestyle Asia have teamed up to launch their newest place, Sky51.
Lifestyle Asia and RLC Residences hosted an afternoon at Sky51/Photo by Excel Panlaque of KLIQ INC.

Creative Blooms

As you enter the sophisticated setting of Sky51 on this special occasion, a delightful, natural scent welcomes your senses, creating the ideal atmosphere for the day’s festivities.

As you wander further, your gaze falls upon a long table adorned with an array of breathtaking flowers, courtesy of Flowers by Ginger

The beautiful flowers from Flowers by Ginger
Flower by Ginger/Photo by Excel Panlaque of KLIQ INC.

Among the blossoms, you’ll find captivating pink and white roses, enhanced with vibrant hints of orange. 

And this is just the beginning; there’s a sumptuous grazing table ready to tantalize the taste buds of our esteemed guests.

The grazing table offers endless options of savory and sweet.
The grazing table made for the lovely guests/Photo by Excel Panlaque of KLIQ INC.

As more guests arrive, the ambiance transforms into a lively canvas of colors, promising an afternoon filled with artistic expression and luxury.

Candy Dizon, the Editor-in-Chief of Lifestyle Asia, and Karen D. Cesario, the Marketing Head and Chief Integration Officer of RLC Residences, extended a warm welcome to all, laying the foundation for an enchanting experience. 

They both expressed their delight at seeing so many eager participants ready to indulge their senses in this workshop.

Candy Dizon, Heart Evangelista, Ginger Gaddi, Winnie Go, and Geewel Fuster are some of the lovely guests who attended the afternoon workshop.
Candy Dizon, Heart Evangelista, Ginger Gaddi, Winnie Go, Geewel Fuster/Photo by Excel Panlaque of KLIQ INC.
Heart Evangelista and Winnie Go with RLC Executives.
Heart Evangelista, Winnie Go, Chad Sotelo – Senior Vice-President and Business Unit General Manager, RLC Residences at Robinsons Land Corporation, and Karen D. Cesario – Marketing Head & Chief Integration Officer/Photo by Excel Panlaque of KLIQ INC.

Floral Artistry

With the formalities concluded, Ginger Gaddi, the gifted owner of Flowers by Ginger, took the spotlight to lead her workshop.

Ginger shared her thoughts on crafting beautiful flower arrangements, sprinkling in fascinating information about plants and flowers. 

It was a mesmerizing experience, not just for the exquisite bouquets taking shape but also for the newfound knowledge about preserving the vitality of these delicate blooms. 

The ladies present were wholly engrossed in their creative endeavors, their smiles reflecting their enthusiasm. 

Some even stood up to admire the collective masterpiece they were creating.

Heart Evangelista and Winnie Go with RLC Executives.
Graceful atendees of the Lifestyle Asia Atelier/Photo by Excel Panlaque of KLIQ INC.

Vibrant Crowd

Among the guests were lovely people like Heart Evangelista, Winnie Go, Geewel Fuster, and Cheryl Tan Gan.

Celine and Lana Almazora, Chad Sotelo, Senior Vice President and Business Unit General Manager of RLC Residences, and Karen D. Cesario, Marketing Head & Chief Integration Officer, and many more distinguished individuals also joined the enchanting event.

Mother and daughter Celine and Lana Almazora enjoyed the event.
Lana and Celine Almazora/Photo by Excel Panlaque of KLIQ INC.

They all relished a delightful afternoon at Sky51, creating their very own floral masterpieces to take home. 

Evangelista, in particular, found the workshop therapeutic and heartwarming. 

She shared, “I love that it is very therapeutic. I think this is such a beautiful event for everybody to get together.”

She also added, “I know we’re all very busy and always on the go. I love that this is something that is also self care for me. Thank you so much for having us.”

Heart Evangelista holding the flowers she made during the workshop.
Heart Evangelista/Photo by Excel Panlaque of KLIQ INC.

After the workshop, the guests mingled, capturing moments with each other and their newfound floral companions. 

Refreshing drinks flowed as they sat beside their floral creations.

Winnie Go holding the flowers she arranged during the workshop.
Winnie Go/Photo by Excel Panlaque of KLIQ INC.

An Enchanting Nook

Embracing fresh outlooks, especially when they involve living entities such as flowers and connecting with kindred spirits, is genuinely enriching.

Sky51 will forever cherish the memories from this delightful afternoon.

Certainly, The Residences at The Westin Manila homeowners and their guests will be able to craft their own distinct memories here at Sky 51 and its other amenities, highlighting the development’s commitment to offering more than just a place to live – a vibrant hub for curated lifestyle experience.

Francesca Warnke with Lifestyle Asia Digital & Managing Editor Mawi de Ocampo smiling at the camera.
Francesca Warnke with Lifestyle Asia Digital & Managing Editor Mawi de Ocampo/Photo by Excel Panlaque of KLIQ INC.
The lovely ladies who made the afternoon fun.
The lovely guests of Lifestyle Asia Atelier/Photo by Excel Panlaque of KLIQ INC.

Banner photo by Excel Panlaque of KLIQ INC.

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