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A designer had once seen The Pietro Collection as Ali Baba’s cave, because he always discovered something new each time he visited.

He wasn’t wrong. After all, the brand is a one-stop shop for all home decor needs.

Photos by Ed Simon of Studio 100

The eponymous collection refers to home accessories, accent furniture, lighting, rugs, and artworks curated from around the world.

With its extensive selection of global goods, The Pietro Collection offers design solutions tailor-fit to each unique house.

“We try to satisfy the varied design preferences of our clients,” owner Winnie Domingo tells Lifestyle Asia.

Photos by Ed Simon of Studio 100

Magic shop

However, it’s not exactly a magic shop that conjured these premium pieces out of nowhere. In fact, each item took a lot of personal time and effort to be included in the collection.

“My sister, Rachelle Almario, and I do the buying for the store. We attend trade fairs in the United States and Europe twice or thrice a year to bring in the latest trends available in the market. Each piece is carefully curated,” Domingo reveals.

Fortunately, traveling is what they love most about their job. They even think of it as a “working vacation.”

Photos by Ed Simon of Studio 100

“We do our research visiting other showrooms and stores to make sure we offer our clients the same things they will find abroad,” Domingo explains.

Thanks to the Pietro team’s resolve to go the extra mile, they are able to provide a collection where there is truly “something for everyone.” Be it modern or contemporary, to transitional or traditional.

“This pandemic has been the most challenging for us. We went the extra mile to make sure we had new things to offer even though our traveling was curtailed.  Designers were surprised to find our showroom full when a lot of their other sources were wanting,” Domingo says.

Photos by Ed Simon of Studio 100

The shop attributes this unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, which it always strives for.

Houses into homes

“Clients bring their siblings and friends. We have numerous clients who come back years after with their children who are building their own homes. Happy to say we have several instances where we have served the customer’s mother and grandmother as well!” Domingo celebrates.

Photos by Ed Simon of Studio 100

Aside from the team that goes the distance and the clientele who come from all corners, The Pietro Collection itself has come a long way since it first opened its doors in December 1988.

Domingo’s uncle Pete Estayo, who passed away in 2003, established the store. Hence the name, Pietro.

Although the family started in the hardware business, they naturally progressed to other areas since Estayo was fond of interiors, antiques, and the like. Thus, Pietro entered the world as a showroom for furniture, fixtures, accessories, and more.

“Most satisfying is knowing that we are instrumental in turning their houses into homes—which is the heart and soul of Pietro,” Domingo concludes.

Photos by Ed Simon of Studio 100

The Pietro Collection is at La Fuerza Plaza, Chino Roces, Makati. For more information, visit The Pietro Collection’s social media pages (@pietrocollection).

Photos by Ed Simon of Studio 100.

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