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Its first community program with The Plaf was an arts and crafts workshop headed by French artist Caroline Regottaz.

Plastic pollution continues to pose many problems to the environment. Time and time again, we see how straws, masks, candy wrappers, and the like harm many marine animals when disposed irresponsibly, creating an alarming impact on the ecosystem. 

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The need to protect the deep blue seas is something that Seiko values deeply. The brand, therefore, mobilized a campaign that promises to help protect the world’s oceans now and for future generations, as well as to secure this legacy for divers everywhere.

At the heart of this initiative was the launch of the Save The Ocean program, wherein a portion of the proceeds are set aside in support of several marine conservation initiatives worldwide.

In the Philippines, Seiko’s most recent and ongoing partnership is with The Plastic Flamingo. Together, both companies are educating communities about plastic pollution and how to prevent its harmful effects.

Cleaning oceans

The Plastic Flamingo—otherwise known as The Plaf—is a for-profit social enterprise based in the Philippines. Francois and Charlotte Lesage founded the company after realizing how mass consumerism and the production of cheap plastic have led to enormous plastic waste pollution.

The Plaf exists to collect and transform plastic waste into a range of sustainable products and construction materials, which can be used for the home or to build new schools, housing, and shelters. This minimizes the amount of waste ending up in landfills, river streams, and the ocean.

Seiko’s collaboration with The Plaf brought about engaging ways to teach people about the importance of recycling and upcycling plastics.

Its first community program with The Plaf was an arts and crafts workshop headed by French artist Caroline Regottaz where she taught children how to make turtles out of bottle caps, plastic utensils, wrappers, and such. 

Another was in celebration of Earth Day, wherein volunteers gathered for a coastal clean-up in Noveleta, Cavite, south of Freedom Island. The group collected 784.4kg of waste. To show appreciation for the partnership between Seiko and The Plaf, Regottaz, who also participated in the clean-up, crafted a bigger version of the turtle artwork using plastic waste, specially designed to look like a Seiko watch.

Two webinars are currently in the works to bring the message about plastic pollution even further. 

“We are very grateful to have the opportunity to team up with The Plaf. Their passion matches our dedication to save the environment,” says Edric Dy, Seiko Philippines vice president for marketing.

Dy says that, as a watch brand, they are also in the business of making use of time wisely by committing to opportunities that help others. “Through the Save the Ocean campaign, we hope to inspire people—especially our patrons—to join us in embracing nature and protecting it,” he explains.

Worldwide mission

“Our collaboration with Seiko allows our community to expand even further. They are giving us a wider audience to reach out to, with a louder voice to call more people to protect marine life by reusing plastic waste,” says Anne-Sophie Zwarteveen-van der Spek, The Plastic Flamingo chief product officer.

For many years, Seiko has been journeying the road to better marine life in collaboration with equally dedicated partners through the Save The Ocean initiative.

In 2021, the brand made a donation to the 63rd Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition members, who conducted further studies on environmental change in Antarctica. More recently, the watch brand partnered with PADI to support the PADI Aware Foundation’s Marine Debris Program.

Meanwhile in Bangkok, Seiko spearheaded an ocean clean-up, an inspection of a coral-restoration project, and the release of sea turtles back to the ocean. The brand is also supporting an underwater archeology project that explores a historical site with the aim of protecting its cultural heritage for future generations.

Change demands action, and it starts with you. Help minimize plastic waste by disposing responsibly at The Plaf’s drop-off points across the Philippines. For more information, visit Learn more about Seiko’s Save the Ocean here.

Banner: French artist Caroline Regottaz

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