A Woman for Others: Pinky Tobiano Celebrates The Beauty of Life

Whether with her family, friends, or new people she meets, Pinky Tobiano radiates confident and infectious energy. She greatly appreciates life and she celebrates it with people like the elderly of Haven. Every year through her Pinky Cares Foundation, she organizes a fun-filled day for the elderly. Yet this year is more meaningful as it is her 50th birthday. After a thanksgiving mass, they all played childhood games, sang to their favorite songs, and indulged in delectable food. This year’s celebration is certainly unforgettable both for Pinky and the Haven for the Elderly.

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Helping lead better lives

During the birthday celebration, Pinky shows no signs of exhaustion. She remains energetic in conversing with different people, even joining them in dancing. This dedication of Pinky stems from her appreciation of life, especially after her grandmother’s death. “When she passed away in 1994, I started Pinky Cares Foundation. I took it upon myself and committed to continue to take care of the abandoned lolos and lolas,” Pinky shares.

Pinky also celebrates the beauty of life that she helps out people who have a life-threatening disease. Through her Qualibet Testing Services, people can check for any impurities and the potency of pharmaceutical drugs. She explains, “We help Filipinos be assured that the products that they consume, or the feeds that our animals eat, are free from contaminants, steroids, or impurities—all of which may be carcinogenic for humans.”

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