Pioneering Work: Junyee is Honored in a Collaborative Exhibit Joined by Over 80 Artists - Arts & Culture

The Altro Mondo exhibit honors the “Father of Installation Art,” and features works by the likes of Leeroy New, Fitz Herrera, Pandy Aviado, and Eghai Roxas.


Altro Mondo Arte Contemporanea is currently hosting a collaborative exhibit honoring Junyee, who is considered by many as the “Father of Installation Art.” Called “In Celebration of Creativity: An Homage to Junyee” can be viewed at the Altro Mondo Creative Space Gallery and through its virtual gallery.

Aside from his pioneering work in installation art, Junyee has also been deemed throughout the years as the “Father of Indigenous Art,” “Pioneer in Organic Art,” and soothsayer. His followers, however, has simply referred to him as “Tatay.” Throughout his long-standing career, Junyee has left a lasting impact on the development of art in the Philippines.

This breadth of work is what is highlighted in the exhibition, which also includes works by over 80 renowned artists who were directly inspired by his work. This includes the likes of Leerow New, Julie Lluch, Jose Tence Ruiz, Fitz Herrera, Eghai Roxas, and Ambie Abaño.

Impactful art

Born in Agusan del Norte in 1942, Junyee began his career as a sculptor, using natural, indigenous, and ephemeral materials within specific locations. He became known for his site-specific and large-scale art installations concerned with environmental issues.

His work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in local and high-profile international exhibitions, such as the fourth (1991) and seventh (2000) Havana Biennale held in Cuba as well as and the 12th Paris Biennale (1982).

In Celebration of Creativity: An Homage to Junyee will be on view at Altro Mondo Creative Space (1159 Chino Roces Avenue, San Antonio Village, Makati) until July 25. The gallery is open from Monday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm. For inquiries, you can visit @altromondoart on Instagram.

Banner Photo: “Bloom,” by Leeroy New

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