6 Hollywood Photographers Redefining Beauty Through The Lens

Ever been captivated by beauty? These Hollywood photographers are about to become your new obsession with all things visually enchanting.

In the world of fashion, it’s not merely the glamorous campaigns featuring A-list celebrities that set the tone–the photographers behind the lens play an integral role in shaping creative narratives. 

Discovering a magazine cover on social media or stumbling upon a photo, you’re likely thinking, “How is that even possible? That’s awesome.” I mean, aren’t we all amazed when we see aesthetically pleasing images?

Well, get ready because these six Hollywood photographers are about to treat you to the visual buffet you’ve been searching for. 

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Nadia Lee Cohen

Nadia Lee Cohen is a photographer, filmmaker, performance artist, and all-around It-girl. 

Cohen’s cinematic style, showcased in the Skims cover shoot with Kim Kardashian and Lana Del Rey, has become the hallmark of 2023 and 2024’s visual language.

Kim Kardashian/Photo via Instagram @nadialeecohen
Lana Del Rey/Photo via Instagram @nadialeecohen

According to Dazed, Cohen’s fourth edition of the book Women unravels a tapestry of photographs oscillating between the surreal and the eerily familiar. It leaves viewers unsure if they’re hearing a melancholic ballad or a Top 10 disco hit. 

Cohen’s feminine lens has graced brands like PARIS TEXAS and Miu Miu as per People, transforming celebrities like Kim Kardashian into almost unrecognizable visions.

Carlijn Jacobs

Dutch photographer Carlijn Jacobs crafts surreal images, bending and warping models’ bodies to evoke imaginative narratives. 

From a face stretched through a wine glass to a woman lying on silk with an eerily serene mask, Jacobs straddles the realms of fashion and art. 

Photo via Instagram @carlijnjacobs

Her work for magazines is seen in AnOther and Vogue, along with creating Beyoncé’s Renaissance album artwork, according to ArtNet. She invites viewers into an alternate world of color, contrast, and perspective.

Petra Collins

Petra Collins’ intimate portraits with a pastel glow are likely etched in your social media memories. 

Collins is a trendsetter for the social media era. As per Highsnobiety, she has defined the look of everything from corporate advertising to Instagram filters. 

With a touch of fairycore and a nod to ’90s horror films, Collins collaborates with Y2K-inspired brands like Blumarine

She also leaves her mark in the music world, working with artists like Olivia Rodrigo and Pinkpantheress

Photo via Instagram @petrafcollins

Ottilie Landmark

Danish rising star Ottilie Landmark, celebrated for her work with inclusive designer Sinead O’Dwyer, focuses on queer female identity and sexuality. 

As per Hypebae, Landmark’s inclusive approach shines in Sinead O’Dwyer’s Spring/Summer 2023 campaign. 

She emphasizes the power of queerness through rich hues and experimental poses.

Photo via Instagram @ottilielandmark

Cass Bird

California native Cass Bird, with a roots-to-riches story, initially found comfort in the relationship aspect of photography. 

According to People, after taking art-related courses at Smith College, she practiced by capturing her actor friends. This led to her work being published and eventually showcased in galleries. 

Bird’s journey, highlighted by a focus on female masculinity, gained recognition. She became a sought-after photographer for editorial and commercial clients, including The New Yorker and Vogue.

Many would be surprised, especially those scrolling through her Instagram feed showcasing photographs of Hollywood’s biggest names.

Kylie Jenner/Photo via Instagram @cassblackbird
Anne Hathaway/Photo via Instagram @cassblackbird

She frequently collaborates with Margot Robbie (whom she photographed for Wall Street Journal Magazine), Hailey Bieber (whom she photographed for Vogue Hong Kong as per Fashion Gone Rogue), and Michael B. Jordan (whom she photographed for Vanity Fair). 

Misha Meghna

London-based Misha Meghna, a visual artist specializing in photography and direction, enchants with dream-inducing colorscapes and cosmic-inspired imagery. 

Known for collaborations with brands like Juicy Couture, Meghna’s Instagram offers a visual feast of powerful femininity, soothing color palettes, and an array of incredible women models.

Photo via Instagram @mishameghna

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Picture Perfect

These six photographers weave visual tales that transcend the ordinary, each contributing a unique chapter to the ever-evolving story of fashion and art. 

Their lens not only captures moments but creates a symphony of emotions, proving that behind every iconic image, there’s a visionary woman shaping the narrative.

Banner photo via Instagram @nadialeecohen.

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