Poetry Of Kindness: Building A Business From A Place Of Love

This skin care brand not only boasts of natural and ethically sourced ingredients, it also comes with loads of positivity, kindness, and light.

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s May 2023 Issue. 

The brand name Skin Poem has such a lyrical ring to it that when first heard, makes one think of dewy leaves at dawn and raindrops splashing against a well-lighted window pane. The brand’s founder, Chin Simpson, confessed that she never imagined she would start a business. “I was raised in a rather traditional Filipino-Chinese family where I felt like I was raised to be more on the domesticated side of life. Starting a business always got me excited, but it also made me more scared. That’s why I never actually considered starting one.” Nevertheless, that’s precisely what Simpson did, taking a leap, so to speak into the scary world of entrepreneurship. 

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Chin Simpson, the founder of Skin Poem
Chin Simpson, the founder of Skin Poem

“It wasn’t until 2021 that I started Skin Poem because I was inspired by our youngest brother’s psoriasis journey. I witnessed how positive words of affirmation played a huge part in his healing, which made me incorporate the poetic aspect into our skincare line as I also always considered writing as my personal way to express my innermost emotions,” shares Simpson. She goes on to speak about her inspiration for Skin Poem in more detail. 

Chin Simpson, the founder of Skin Poem

“It was really during the midst of the pandemic that got me rethinking about life. There was this inner voice that kept recurring, and I knew I had to listen. It was like the universe was telling me ‘It’s time.’. And you know when the things you plan goes smoothly, it makes you feel that something was really meant to happen. This was the whole energy and vibe I was getting when I started Skin Poem. In addition to that, it was also that same time that my youngest brother was stuck in Vancouver and had his first severe psoriasis attack. We couldn’t fly there, and he couldn’t fly home-it was all through Facetime and constant texting of all of us siblings, sending him daily words of encouragement, love and healing. I had this in mind when I started Skin Poem. Why not create a skincare line that also contains beautiful words that speak of positivity, kindness, gentleness, and love? If I can create good quality products that also speak to those needing these words too, then maybe, just maybe, it can add to someone’s journey of healing,” Simpson declares.

Chin Simpson, the founder of Skin Poem

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Photos by RXandy Capinpin.

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