Poggenpohl Launches Its VIP Flagship Store And It's Elegant As You Think

The oldest kitchen brand in the world has once again shown the right fusion of elegance, form, and function

Kitchens are considered sacred places to some food connoisseurs, professional or even budding chefs, and for dedicated pillars of the home, it is the heart that binds everything together. This part of the home is where you can find the most interesting blending of flavors and captivating aroma of wonderful courses and family recipes being whipped up to enjoy. To produce these amazing, tasteful creations, it is crucial to have only the best and premium kitchen systems. A recent addition to Kuysen’s portfolio, Poggenpohl has unveiled its flagship store in Makati. Through the opening, the oldest kitchen brand in the world has once again shown how it inspires creativity and solutions. Its modular kitchen systems carry high quality and elegant designs that the important guests during the launch marveled at how Poggenpohl’s vision came to life.

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Poggenpohl and Kuysen stores in Makati.

Personalized spaces

Founder Friedemir Poggenpohl has always envisioned his brand to “improve the kitchen.” Yet simply making systems is not enough. Apart from designing them with a certain modern elegance, the kitchen systems must be compatible with different lifestyles. It makes sense as individuals and families differ in their needs and preferences. What Poggenpohl does is first, to understand this fact and then incorporate it into their production. The results are trendsetting creations that fuse form and function. From assisted drawer openings to metallic materials, the luxury kitchen brand designs personalized spaces for people.

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+VENOVO designs.
+MODO sleek, marble designs.

A contemporary elegance

The 1 story showroom features an in-depth display of different brands. While classic kitchen systems carry strict and defined areas, +VENOVO departs from tradition. It features a light and self-supporting frame to resemble floating furniture. This contemporary design is perfect if you have a flexible lifestyle, wanting to redefine your entire home. +MODO is for families and for those who prefer to have interesting and playful contrasts in their kitchens. With the brand’s extendable trays and glass drawers, +MODO allows you to freely place decor and appliances in its different open spaces.

SEGMENTO clean white kitchen system.
+SEGMENTO Y minimalist concept.

The concept of SEGMENTO calls for minimalism and it differs from other brands with its focus on clear structures. You can place appliances into the sides of the tall cabinets. This leaves enough room for self-expression for the rest of the kitchen system. Deriving from this concept, +SEGMENTO Y also features modern structures. What is best with this system is you need not to worry about leaving fingerprints on the surface with its high-quality material. This brand is perfect for younger groups who prefer clean and elegant designs.

P’7340 design.
P’7350 concept.
+STAGE bar and +STAGE office units.

Open and flexible designs

Poggenpohl has collaborated with Studio F. A. Porsche to create the ultimate luxurious designs. Two of them are the P’7340 Design that comes from aluminum frames and P’7350 Design that has a unique character. Its horizontal and vertical lines create an interesting tension. The front surfaces have been subdivided to have depth, creating a more open design.

+STAGE features flexible solutions tailored to personal habits and preferences. This brand is all about modern living, especially for people who live in spaces like condo units. While a typical home has different areas to carry out various activities, +STAGE combines these into a single, tall unit line. With four units and a standard depth of 65.4cm, the concept has pocket doors or slide-in hinged doors. The design allows you to combine living and kitchen areas for a compact space of over 120cm. The possibilities for designing your home are endless for +STAGE.

Wide-open spaces allow you to freely place decors and kitchen materials.
Aluminum materials make up some of the kitchen systems.

With the pristine showroom of Poggenpohl, both new and loyal clients can better find the perfect kitchen systems for their homes. Each brand features unique concepts and equipment, creating a social space for the user to interact with the design. The beautiful showroom is another milestone for Poggenpohl, highlighting the significance of a good kitchen.

Assisted drawers make for creative and functional designs.

You may visit Kuysen Kitchen Collection/Poggenpohl Flagship Showroom Makati that opens Monday to Saturday from 9 Am to 6 PM at The Eton Residences, Ground Floor, Legazpi Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City. Metro Manila, 1229. For inquiries, contact +632 7955 1250, 0917 6314953, or email [email protected].

The Kuysen Design + Experience Center Makati opens Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 7 PM at 2 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air Village, Makati City 1209. For inquiries, contact +632 88619646, +632 79753032, 0917 8479507, or email [email protected] or [email protected].

The Kuysen Headquarters in Quezon City opens Monday to Saturday from 8 AM to 5 PM at 236 E. Rodriguez Senior Avenue, Brgy. Don Manuel, Galas, Quezon City 1113, Philippines. For inquiries, contact +632 8740 7509, +632 3411 9571, 0917 5094564, send a fax at +632 8714 2993, or email [email protected].

Photos from Poggenpohl.

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