Portraits Of A Country: Ronald Ventura's 'Astig-Mata'

Ronald Ventura’s newest exhibition, “Astig-Mata,” explores Filipino perspectives and iconography in a series of richly surreal paintings.

Ronald Ventura meditates on what it is to be truly Filipino…to be from a country with a deep history and a reputation for facing adversities and having a reputation for resilience.

Artist Ronald Ventura posing alongside his work

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Bamboo, a symbol of toughness and resilience, figures prominently in Ventura’s works in his latest exhibition. Ventura’s “Astig-Mata” is the first art series at The Goldenberg Mansion and this exhibition featured ten paintings, two sculptures, and two signed and numbered limited edition prints of 20 pieces each.

Ventura also wanted to explore how Filipinos look at things: what we see as who we are; our aesthetics and the images associated with us such as the bahay-kubo, baro’t-saya, pagsasaka, pag-aani sa bukid, and other things Filipino.

His artworks in “Astig-Mata” focuses on how Filipinos perceive history and heritage, how we look within ourselves, and toward our fellow Filipinos in order to excel in the present, and how we regard the tribulations and triumphs in the future.

Ventura graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art, Major in Painting degree from the University of Santo Tomas and worked there as faculty at College of Fine Arts & Design. 

First lady of the Republic of the Philippines Liza Marcos and art lovers alike enjoyed viewing the artist’s remarkable works, some of which were mural-sized. 

25% of sales from the exhibit will be donated to Fashion Aid Philippines (FAP) to help and sustain the country’s fashion and creative industry. FAP is a registered non-profit organization which aims to promote the cultural, social and economic consciousness of the public and to assist the new generation of Filipino fashion designers and its applied arts — from craftsmen, shoe makers, make-up artists, hair stylists and other artistic producers. They seek to infuse culture into art by engaging in worthwhile activities that will expand the Filipino artists’ knowledge in their field and are determined to get involved in civic projects and voluntary work to accomplish its objectives.

Photos by Candy Dizon; Banner photos edited by Paolo Torio.

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