Precious Time With Mom: Four Must-Try Tasting Menus For Mother's Day

Take your favorite woman out for a lovely degustation this Mother’s Day!  

From modern takes on traditional Filipino cuisines to reimagined Japanese-inspired creations, degustation menus are available in many restaurants in Metro Manila. The different tasting menus will surely be a wonderful treat for mom this Mother’s Day. We have created a list of restaurants in Manila to add to your list of must-tries!

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Mecha Uma

Japanese Scallop Aburi Nigiri

Photo via Instagram @mechauma 

An abbreviation of a Japanese saying that means ‘absurdly delicious’, Mecha Uma is the work of chef Bruce Ricketts. It focuses on creative Japanese-inspired dishes such as a tamago custard tart and savory duck doughnut and black cod. 

Their tasting menu takes a cue from the Japanese art of omakase (a.k.a. “I’ll leave it up to you”), where full control is put in the hands of the chef, and diners get to watch Ricketts and the team prepare the dishes right before their very eyes.

Gallery By Chele

Chef Chele Gonzalez may be Spanish, but his heart is practically one with Filipinos. Gallery by Chele offers cuisines with indigenous Filipino ingredients—many of them, long-forgotten in the modern world.  

Carpaccio Kinilaw

Photo via Instagram @gallerybychele

Beso Beso

Beso Beso is located at Chino Roces Avenue Extension, fronting a new Filipino-European identity, where they take local flavors out for a contemporary spin. 

Their tasting menu features Adobo Paella, Wagyu Bistek, Baguio strawberries, and a chia seed-coconut cone, and Dirty Ice Cream, a miniaturized sorbetes-like bite with cured foie gras tocino mousse.

Mais con Hielo

Photo via Instagram @besobesoph


Metronome’s chef, Chef Miko Calo, shows off cuisines with heavy leanings on classic French techniques, but as applied to local ingredients, and given a more modern yet casual touch.

The elevated 10-course Tasting Menu features unique dishes.

Some of the courses are Hamachi with pacific yellowtail, pink radish, tomato coulis, and kabayawa.  

Avruga caviar, roasted eggplant cannelloni, eggplant purée, crème fraîche

Photo via Instagram @restaurant.metronome

Banner photo via Instagram @gallerybychele.

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