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For five years now, this movement has called for responsible retailing and purposeful shopping.  

Presente by ArteFino is mounted every holiday season as an annual gathering of the movement’s partner vendors, communities, and patrons. It is also an extension of the brand’s call for responsible retailing and shopping with purpose. “When buyers go to Presente, they shop for meaningful gifts,” says the founding team composed of Cedie Vargas, Marimel Francisco, Maritess Pineda, Mita Rufino, and Susie Quiros. They also add, “Brands and products on feature have unique stories to tell about local artistry, communities, and creativity.”

They continue by saying that it’s the coming together of the community that fills their Christmastime artisanal fair with purpose. Fransisco shares, “We’ve had Presente by ArteFino every holiday season since 2017. Since then, it’s been such a unique experience for all of us and our partners.”

In a press statement, the brand announces: “A total of 70 partner vendors will participate in this year’s Presente by ArteFino. The holiday trade fair will run for three weeks from December 2 to 23 at the Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center. Every week will feature a curated mix of artisanal brands across lifestyle categories including: fashion, accessories and jewelry, home, personal care, and local flavors. A section dedicated to ArteFino Finds will similarly showcase local artisanal picks for the season.” Fransisco continues, “It’s the one-stop for meaningful and purposeful Christmas shopping because there is always something for everyone.” 

Purposeful Holiday Gift-Giving

On top of special holiday collections and favorites from ArteFino’s artisanal brands, the holiday fair endeavors to “re-shape the gift-giving experience.” Fransisco emphasizes, “It’s the curation that sets us apart. Those who go to Presente usually find extra special gifts for those they hold dearest. They also pick up something extraordinary to give themselves this Christmas.” In a season often associated with indulgence and excess, ArteFino’s proposition to gifting inspires a positive shift from quick giveaways to more thoughtful keepsakes.

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According to the movement, “The endeavor is not just a Christmas shopping experience because it also brings consumers closer engagement with every brand’s soulful narrative. The ArteFino team handpicks partner vendors with great consideration for their ties with local, artisanal communities–weavers, woodworkers, embroiderers, sewers, farmers and other local creative collectives. This unique attribute of the movement expands the concept of gift-giving to instilling a mindset for supporting local artisan communities.”

“Everytime you shop at ArteFino, you also help these local communities,” the founders explain. 

The brand also conveys: “At its core, community is the raison d’etre for ArteFino, its partner vendors and ultimately, its loyal patrons. This ethos is also embodied through the HeArteFino Development Program, which endeavors to support communities that actively participate in the fairs. A portion of the proceeds from the fair  is dedicated to the program. To date, HeArteFino has extended its support to the Bagobo-Tagbanwa beaders as well as fabric weavers from Panay, Marawi, and Kabankalan in Negros. In 2020, the program also  extended its support to Anthill Fabric’s circular fashion movement with a grant. The brand’s Zero Waste innovation from weaves to wear also showcased that year at the HeArteFino booth.”

Pineda adds, “We continue to work as a community beyond our annual trade fairs.” And through the loyal patronage of shoppers, the movement is able to provide sustainable livelihood for communities. 

Responsible Retailers Coming Together  

Vargas explains, “At ArteFino Presente, we celebrate the gathering of community.” This means that partner vendors, designers, collaborators, makers, creative collectives, and patrons converge at the fairgrounds this time of the year to honor camaraderie and community. The team emphasizes, “It’s not just about selling and shopping. We close out the year at ArteFino Presente to celebrate how we’ve all grown and evolved through the years. Together.”

They elaborate, “Like families gathered around the Christmas table, participants of ArteFino Presente are kin in responsible retailing. Theirs is a bond carved out of a shared passion for elevating local craft and artistry. A spirit for social responsibility, and loving one’s own forges the ArteFino fellowship to its patrons.”

The founding team expounds, “Presente is a continuation of the ArteFino journey especially after having weathered the pandemic and recent return to in-person events. For all of us in the team, partner vendors, designers and collaborators, ArteFino is not just a one-time selling activity.”

They sum up what “Sama-Sama Sa Pakso” means by saying, “It’s about embodying the ArteFino spirit, and speaking its unique voice.

For more conscious gift-giving ideas this holiday season, follow ArteFino on Instagram @artefinoph.

Banner photo courtesy of ArteFino.

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