Back With A Vengeance: Princess Diana's Revenge Dress Makes Its Comeback On 'The Crown' - Arts & Culture

The little black dress makes its big return.

Netflix has confirmed that Princess Diana’s signature 1994 “revenge dress” will make an appearance in the upcoming season of The Crown.

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A little black dress defined the look that continues to inspire fashion trends decades after the royal figure’s tragic passing.

Photo by Netflix via website.

The revenge dress is a black off-the-shoulder gown that Princess Diana wore the exact day that Prince Charles admitted his infidelity through national television.

Now, the garment will also make its highly publicized TV comeback.

Amy Roberts and Sidonie Roberts led the costume team of The Crown in recreating the Christina Stambolian-designed revenge dress.

Photo by Netflix via website.

“It indicates the death of something and the beginning of something new,” Sidonie told Netflix.

Photos by Netflix via website.

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