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This auction house is offering a rare handbag in a private sale for more than half a million dollars.

According to Bloomberg Pursuits on Instagram: “The Hermes Kelly 25 on offer is expected to surpass the price paid for a similar bag, a slightly larger Kelly 28, earlier this year. That one sold for $513,000, also in a private sale, according to a Sotheby’s representative.”

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In the same post, Bloomberg Pursuits states that “the sale would be the latest sign that some ultra-high-end handbags are seeing such strong demand that they’re reaching higher prices on the resale market than in stores amid limited production capacity at Hermes International.”

A curated selection of Hermes bags and accessories is also on the Sotheby’s website such as Birkins in all sizes, modern and vintage Kellys, including scarves and bracelets.

According to the auction house’s website, they currently have a private sale featuring “works across all fine art disciplines, as well as diamonds, fine jewelry, watches and rare vintages. Private Sales operates outside the traditional auction calendar, offering the freedom to collect world-class works any day of the year.”

The website further states: “We have the privilege of being the largest private dealer in the secondary market, with over $1billion in sales achieved worldwide in 2021 across more than 30 categories. We determine the best approach to sell, and establish the right exposure to the market, working with our international network of collectors to connect you with prospective buyers.”

To learn more, visit Sotheby’s website or follow them on Instagram.

Banner photo via Sotheby’s website.

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