Proof Of Life: BTS Drops Official Merch Before Going on their Break - K LIFESTYLE

The “Magic Shop” of BTS merch is the gift that keeps on giving.

BTS has released its lineup of Proof Merch to continue celebrating its 9th anniversary.

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The merch drop comes as swarms of ARMY grieve the K-pop boy group’s announcement of its upcoming hiatus.

During the indefinite break after “Yet To Come” promotions, each BTS member will focus on individual activities.

In the meantime, here are the special items included in the BTS Proof Merch collection to help fans cope with “what comes next.”

Album Postage Stamp Sticker Set

The postage stamp sticker set utilizes the cover designs of all BTS albums from 2 COOL 4 SKOOL to Proof.

There are 18 designs that come in two sizes (3×3 cm and 4×4 cm), totaling 36 stickers. These come in a repurposable tin case for storage.

Album Magnet Collection

Similar to the postage stamp sticker set, the magnet collection utilizes all the album jackets of the band’s discography.

The 4×4 cm magnets are quite thick with some featuring graphics on both sides. These come in a sliding package with the Proof logo printed in silver against the black paper background.

Proof-inspired Merch

Lastly, the Proof Merch collection features items inspired by songs in their latest album of the same name. Namely, these songs are: “Yet To Come (bracelet),” “For Youth (tumbler),” and “Run BTS (T-shirt).”

Meanwhile, a keyring and a badge set represent the Proof album as a whole.

Banner Photo by BTS via Twitter

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