Who Is The Filipino-American Barbie In Hollywood’s Limelight?

This Barbie is a Supreme Court Justice… and a Filipina! This Filipino-American actress stole the spotlight at the premiere of the Barbie movie. 

In the glitzy world of Hollywood, where stars shine and dreams come true, one actress is making waves with her radiant presence and proud representation of her Filipino roots. 

Meet Ana Cruz Kayne, the Filipino-American actress who stole the spotlight at the premiere of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie, dazzling audiences with her pastel pink balintawak top and butterfly sleeves, a beautiful homage to her heritage.

Ana Cruz Kayne
Ana Cruz Kayne/Photo via Instagram @anacruzkayne 

In the movie, she portrays Supreme Court Justice Barbie, a role that captures the imagination of audiences and showcases the vibrant diversity of Hollywood.

But this captivating journey to stardom wasn’t built overnight, let’s dive into what we need to know about this incredible Filipino Barbie.

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This Barbie’s Journey

Growing up, Kayne admitted to being a bit of a “tomboy” and didn’t own a Barbie doll, as she couldn’t relate to the image of a perfect blonde girl. 

Instead, she discovered her love for acting, which eventually led her to become the Filipino-American Barbie we celebrate today.

Ana Cruz Kayne
Ana Cruz Kayne/Photo via Instagram @anacruzkayne 

Filipina Roots

Her Filipino connection runs deep, with her mother hailing from the Philippines and the family having roots in the province of Bulacan. 

Maria Kayne and Ana Cruz Kayne
Maria Kayne and Ana Cruz Kayne/Photo via Instagram @anacruzkayne 

In 2020, Kayne posted a photo wearing traditional Filipiniana attire at a funeral, capturing the essence of her cultural heritage.

Cultural Collaboration

Behind the glamour of the premiere, Kayne’s journey to becoming Supreme Court Justice Barbie involved dedication and collaboration. 

Working closely with the Academy Award-winning costume designer, Jacqueline Durran.

She designed and incorporated another Filipiniana look into the film, representing her roots in a powerful and elegant way.

Fashion designer Dennis Lustico created the all-pink balintawak set at the Los Angeles premiere and Kayne called it the “dreamiest balintawak.”

Lustico proudly posted in his Instagram with a caption “Terno goes to Hollywood.”

Dennis Lustico created the all-pink balintawak set at the Los Angeles premiere and Kayne called it the "dreamiest balintawak."
Photo via Instagram @anacruzkayne

She’s Olivia In Greta Gerwig’s Little Women

Barbie isn’t the first time Kayne has graced the big screen under Greta Gerwig’s direction. In 2019, she starred as Olivia in Little Women, showcasing her versatility and talent as an actress. 

Greta Gerwig and Ana Cruz Kayne
Greta Gerwig and Ana Cruz Kayne/Photo via Instagram @anacruzkayne

She’s Used To Law-Adjacent Roles

Meanwhile, Kayne’s acting journey also includes roles in various television shows related to the law, such as Partner Track, The Bold Type, and Blue Bloods.

Her ability to portray characters in this genre with finesse demonstrates her skill as an actress and versatility.

“I always play a lawyer. I am a woman who, I guess, projects justice. It might be my deep voice,” she says. 

Ana Cruz Kayne
Photo via Instagram @anacruzkayne

Upcoming Netflix Venture

Looking ahead, Kayne’s star continues to rise with her upcoming project in a Netflix series titled Painkiller.

In the series, she plays Brianna Ortiz alongside the esteemed Orange is the New Black star, Uzo Aduba. 

Ana Cruz Kayne/
Photo via Instagram @anacruzkayne 

An Inspiring Force

Kayne’s journey from a Filipino-American actress to Supreme Court Justice Barbie exemplifies the power of representation and the impact it can have on audiences worldwide. 

In addition, her ability to embrace her Filipino roots while thriving in the competitive world of Hollywood is an inspiration to many aspiring actors, especially those seeking to honor their cultural heritage on the global stage.

Therefore, as Barbie graces theaters on July 19, audiences can eagerly anticipate Kayne’s captivating performance and her celebration of both her Filipino and American roots. 

Banner photo via Instagram @anacruzkayne. 

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