Archie Carrasco is Lauded by the Asia Leaders Awards: 'Not Doing What Everyone Else is Doing is the Secret' - The Scene

This head of a leading media conglomerate in the Philippines narrates the commitment it takes to execute his vision.

The Asia Leaders Awards 2022 has recognized AGC Power Holdings Corp chairman and chief executive officer Archie Carrasco as part of its Men And Women Who Matter list.

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The prestigious award-giving body formally honored Carrasco at Hilton Manila. Here, they named him one of the 15 Rising Tigers and Nation Builders this year.

Carrasco made the list after meeting its criteria of key figures who made a difference within their respective industries and promoted the Philippines as a premier business hub.

He successfully led his media conglomerate through the economic crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. No salaries were cut, nor were any employees retrenched during and in spite of this tumultuous period.

Describing this time as a “test of authentic leadership,” Carrasco aced this unprecedented exam.

AGC Power Holdings Corp chairman and CEO Archie Carrasco

“Always prepare your business for the future. During unpredictable times such as the global pandemic, no one could have anticipated the economic toll it took on businesses,” Carrasco said.

Adapt or die

In his will, the company found a way. While the majority of employees work from home, Carrasco himself personally reports to the office daily.

This means meeting with company leaders, clients, industry partners, and more to ensure the success of all operations.

Quick to adapt, Carrasco then recalibrated and diversified the companies under his belt.

Such a feat translated to overseeing multiple companies encompassing different industries to maximize opportunities for growth and employment. 

Carrasco said that setting the standard means inventing the path that no one else has tread.

“Not doing what everyone else is doing is the secret,” Carrasco advises. “Limiting yourself to the status quo won’t work. Instead, one should project what makes you unique from others, and that’s how the world will notice your efforts.”


Of course, the secret to leadership is that you are never alone in the process, he reveals.

“I am fortunate to have an incredibly innovative and high-functioning team behind me. It was through their unwavering support, hard work, and dedication that our company was able to expand and evolve despite the limitations brought by our current situation,” Carrasco explained.

He also credited this sustained success to mentors that shaped him to be the leader he is today.

Carrasco named his first mentor, Frances J. Yu, who led marketing at Rustan’s, as a person who guided him when he first joined.

The leader then acknowledged the late founder of One Mega Group (OMG), Sari V. Yap, for seeing his potential 15 years back. Since then, he has upheld his promise when Yap named him president of OMG: to continue the company’s legacy, to care for employees and stakeholders, and to maintain the standard of Filipino media excellence.

Ultimately, Carrasco ensures that the work is never mechanical, but guided with an unwavering sense of purpose.

“At the end of the day, the true meaning of success is your level of happiness dictated by what you have achieved and how you have inspired those around you. It is important to keep in mind that above all your successes, you must always remember to put your people first,” Carrasco concluded.

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