Manila’s Story Unfolds Through A Collection

This local brand and Filipino photographer collaborated on a collection to promote the wonders of Manila.

Manila is a city that never sleeps. Many architectural marvels that stood the test of time are critical features of the city. The admiration for these historic landmarks is undying—embedded in the concrete that built the buildings are the stories of the Filipinos who came before us. Moreover,  Plains & Prints and Mark Nicdao immortalized the beauty of these buildings through fashion and photography. 

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Immortalized Glory

The collection between Plains & Prints and Mark Nicdao paid homage to the wonders of Manila. The collaborative collection features fresh and feminine designs printed with photos of landmarks in Manila, such as Paco Park, Rizal Park, Metropolitan Theater, Clock Tower, Intramuros, and the National Museum. Furthermore, the goal of the collection is to further promote the beauty of Manila. “The iconic sites depict the very rich history and culture of the city of Manila. So, it’s just right to promote it,” Mayor Honey Lacuna said.

Anne Curtis face of the campaign
Anne Curtis in MET LS Dress/ Photo courtesy of Plains & Prints

To push the appreciation of the city to the forefront, Plains & Prints and Mark Nicdao partnered with different government agencies. These are the National Parks & Development Committee (NPDC), National Commission For Culture And Arts (NCCA), Department of Tourism, Culture And Arts Of Manila (DTCAM), Intramuros Administration (IA), and National Museum. “This collaboration is a big difference because it was shot where we live. A big part of what makes the Philippines great is Manila. It’s exciting, it has so much history,” says Mark Nicdao.

Anne Curtis face of the Plains & Prints campaign
 Manila SL Top + Manila Skirt worn by Anne Curtis/ Photo courtesy of Plains & Prints

Culture And Fashion 

Aside from the landmarks printed on the clothes, the design of each outfit in the collection presents the sensibilities of the city’s culture. It is a known fact that Manila is a busy city. Government offices and landmark universities are found all around its different parts. The vibrant but busy culture that can be found in the streets comes from the lived experiences of every worker, student, or resident of Manila. 

Met Playsuit Plains & Prints
Met Playsuit/ Photo courtesy of Plains & Prints

The collection features skirts, dresses, tops, and playsuits that reflect the hustle culture embedded within the city. The designs from the collection are pieces you can see every day on the streets of Manila but rendered in a more elevated style. One example is how the Arroceros dress and pants create a sensible outfit. Moreover, the combination of both pieces creates a pantsuit-like ensemble that would be a perfect office outfit. 

Arroceros SL Dress + Arroceros Pants Plains & Prints
Arroceros SL Dress + Arroceros Pants/ Photo courtesy of Plains & Prints

The clothes tell the story of every woman who confidently takes on the challenges of life. Each model on the runway represents a woman in Manila. Whether she is a working woman building a career, a student finding her bearing in life, or simply just a woman wandering the city streets. Every narrative can be seen through the glamor of the collection.

Bonny SL + Manila Skirt + Canvas Bag Plains & Prints
Bonny SL + Manila Skirt + Canvas Bag/ Photo courtesy of Plains & Prints

Banner photo courtesy of Plains & Prints.

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