Angelina Jolie’s Commitment To Art And Humanity

The famed actress’ brand continues to uphold her values and life missions through preservation and partnerships.

Your surroundings cultivate your creativity. Inspiration to create art comes from the space that enables you to practice artistic actions. Moreover, a person’s creative process is motivated by freedom of expression—they feel secure and safe in a space that enables them to create something. For artists, choosing where they can practice their art is vital to their process—which makes perfect sense as to why Atelier Jolie chose 57 Great Jones St. as their home.

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Artistic History 

Before becoming Atelier Jolie’s headquarters and store, the space the new brand leased contained artistic history. The Manhattan property holds relevant art history because the famed Jean-Michel Basquiat leased the property, as per ArtNet. Moreover, even before becoming Basquiat’s studio and residence, it was owned by another iconic artist named Andy Warhol. The building holds so much creative history that it is reflected on the outside exterior. Furthermore, colorful graffiti fills the exterior of the building—a result of multiple generations of street artist putting their art out in the open. 

57 Great Jones St. facade/ Photo from Atelier Jolie website

The good news is that Angelia Jolie plans to keep the space as authentic as possible, she plans to preserve the authenticity of the space. “A privilege to be in this space. We will do our best to respect and honor its artist legacy with community and creativity. Hope to see you there,” the brand captioned in an Instagram post

Angelina Jolie/ Photo via Instagram @angelinajolie

New Year, New Partnership

Last year, the Jolie’s brand collaborated with Chloe for a capsule collection. This year, the brand partnered with a group of talented chefs from around the world called Eat Offbeat. The partnership allowed Atelier Jolie to further cultivate a creative space for her and others. Furthermore, Eat Offbeat would be serving fair-trade coffee and a bespoke rotation of beverages originating from the countries of the different chefs. 

Eat Offbeat/ Photo via Instagram @eatoffbeat

The partnership also gives importance to one of Jolie’s life missions, being a humanitarian. The chefs of Eat Offbeat are refugees from other countries living in New York. 

Banner photo via Instagram @angelinajolie.

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