Putting in The Work: Wendy Puyat on How a Lifetime of Sports Helped Ensure Her Love of Fitness - LA Lives

As a child, Wendy Puyat remembers being fascinated with gymnastics. Throughout high school and university, she worked out regularly at the gym. “This was my foundation for fitness,” she says. She then added tennis and yoga to her routine.

Her best workout experience was working with a well-known trainer to transform her fitness level a few years ago. For two months, they worked out during lunch at a fast pace. “I got really strong during this time and my energy levels also increased dramatically,” Wendy remembers. This is why she prefers working out with either a trainer or a group: for the extra motivation.

Wendy Puyat playing tennis
Wendy Puyat gets her adrenaline fix out on the tennis court.

Today, for her cardio she enjoys singles tennis, “for pure sweat and adrenaline.” For an entire body workout, Wendy enjoys yoga and Lagree method Pilates, and for body sculpting, she likes weight training. When asked what her favorite exercise tools were, Wendy mentioned that all she needs is a good yoga mat, a Lagree Megaformer, and some free weights.

Like all of us during the pandemic, Wendy had to do with finding creative solutions to get her blood pumping. “During quarantine, I made a workout station with a jump rope, yoga mat, and some free weights. I did a mix of online yoga and HIIT classes daily,” she says. Recently, she dipped her toes in Animal Flow, which is a mix of yoga and light gymnastics.

When traveling, Wendy always makes sure that wherever she stays has a gym or a place that is conducive to walking laps. Of course, looking chic is a must. “I love workout clothes from Ultracor and Adidas by Stella McCartney,” she says. After a workout, she treats herself to a matcha latte and a bowl of sushi.

Wendy Puyat

Right now, her fitness goals are to get back to pre-COVID shape, and workout regularly, and eat more mindfully. “Health and wellness to me is a well-rounded diet, energy-boosting activities, good solid sleep, and of course a peaceful and clear mind,” says Wendy.

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