Queendom: Mia Herbosa Was Just Awarded By The Allied Artists of America - Arts & Culture

Herbosa’s “Balthasar’s Queen” has been reigning long in terms of awards.

The 2022 Allied Artists of America Online Associate Exhibition has recognized Mia Herbosa as an award winner for her work “Balthasar’s Queen.”

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The Allied Artists of America featured 28 associate award winners, including Herbosa, on top of a grand prize winner this year.

Many of their artworks sell for between $700 to $58,000. “Balthasar’s Queen,” however, is marked not for sale.

Herbosa has since taken to social media to share news of her achievement and to thank Allied Artists of America for their consideration.

The Filipina artist’s longevity extends to her painting, which already won a prior award five years ago. In 2017, “Balthasar’s Queen” received the Lawrence and Lydia Minter Award at the Ridgewood Art Institute.

Herbosa told Likhaan in an interview published in May 2021 that “Balthasar’s Queen” is her favorite artwork that she created.

“In this work, I seem to have achieved something that I had been reaching for a while,” Herbosa said. She added that the Ridgewood award “made it more memorable.”

Personal favorite

According to the portraitist herself, the artwork has colors that appeal to her with an image that is strong, yet so simple.

“The model is also beautiful and mysterious, but still of the present time,” Herbosa explained.

She also revealed the backstory behind the artwork’s name.

“I remember how the award was announced on Three Kings Day and I named the painting after King Balthasar—so it had synchronicity,” Herbosa concluded.

Banner Photo via Allied Artists of America’s Instagram

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