Who's Next In Line To Be The New James Bond?

As Daniel Craig exits with “No Time To Die,” sadness lingers, and everyone wonders who’s next for the 007 role. Here’s a list of contenders.

Ever since Daniel Craig dropped the bomb that No Time To Die would be his swan song as James Bond, the collective reaction has been a mix of sadness. Immediate curiosity arises about who’s securing the next 007 gig. 

We can’t help but wonder, can we? So, we put together a list of the contenders vying to be the next face of James Bond. Go ahead, take a peek and play casting director!

And who knows, you might consider talking to the spirit of Cubby Broccoli–he’s the producer, by the way, as per the Independent.

Barbara Broccoli, Cubby’s daughter and head of the Bond universe alongside Michael G Wilson, spilled the beans to The Guardian. She revealed that, as of October 2023, the successor selection process is still chilling in the waiting room.

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Daniel Craig/Photo via Instagram @007.

The Waiting Game

According to Esquire, Wilson spilled more tea in September 2022 at a BFI event celebrating Bond’s 60 years since Dr. No

They’re apparently scouting for someone around Daniel Craig’s age when he first stepped into the suave spy’s shoes. Forget about a “James Bond Jr” reboot; they’ve been there, done that, and it didn’t quite click.

Now, here’s the rule – no one over 40 is even getting a hint of the role. 

Wilson firmly states that Bond isn’t some fresh-faced kid out of high school; he’s a seasoned veteran. 

So, it’s a job for the thirtysomethings, and that’s that.

The Bond Criteria

But what’s the recipe for a Bond, you ask? 

Barbara Broccoli asserts that he’s now a more adaptable figure. So, yes, this implies James Bond doesn’t have to be white. 

As per Esquire, according to Broccoli, “British” can be any ethnicity or race, breaking the mold of the classic 007.

But, currently, a woman can’t take on the role. “We should create roles for women, not just turn a man into a woman,”  emphasized Broccoli.

Now, let’s dive into the lineup of suave gents aiming to be the next Bond, James Bond.

Idris Elba

Photo via Instagram @idriselba

In the sea of contenders, Idris Elba’s name keeps surfacing, and why wouldn’t it? He’s the epitome of Bond’s wishlist – tall, irresistibly attractive, and magnetic.

According to GQ, the pendulum seems to have swung in Elba’s favor, with Barbara noting that he’s “part of the conversation.” 

The catch? Elba, at 49, is only four years away from Craig leaving. But hey, think of Sir Roger Moore—he was three years younger when he became Bond in 1973. The message: there’s plenty of time.

Surprisingly, Elba himself adds a twist; being Bond isn’t a big career goal for him, but he knows people really want him to. “It’s what the country wants sometimes,” he says.

Cillian Murphy

Photo via Instagram @oppenheimermovie

With Peaky Blinders behind him, Cillian Murphy is ready for a new leading role.

The man who made J. Robert Oppenheimer a sensation is now the subject of Bond whispers.

Despite his nonchalant attitude toward rumors, Murphy, known for his gun-toting hard man roles, has the perfect mix of pathos and critical acclaim. 

The catch? As per GQ, He’s got a soft spot for being Irish, and Bond is the epitome of Britishness. Will patriotism trump his potential Bond candidacy?

Tom Hardy

Photo via Instagram @venommovie

Tom Hardy, the Venom star, has been on the 007 radar for a while according to National World. With a 10% chance, as per the experts, he’s in the running. 

As per The Gentleman’s Journal, Hardy, following the rough-and-ready style of Craig’s Bond, may be shorter than the average Bond, but hey, so is Craig. 

Standing at 5’9″, Hardy’s a fan favorite. 

Yet, age becomes the elephant in the room. By the time Hardy’s first Bond film hits, he’d be Daniel Craig’s age during Spectre.

And being an Oscar nominee doesn’t align with the franchise’s preference for less-established players.

Henry Cavill

Photo via Instagram @henrycavill

Known as Superman, Henry Cavill has a robust spy resume. 

From Napoleon Solo to Sherlock Holmes, he’s navigated the world of action, even doing his stunts in The Witcher.

According to Variety, With charming looks, he could back up Bond. However, at almost 40, he might age like fine wine, but is he too well-known as Superman to take on another iconic role?

Regé-Jean Page

Photo via Instagram @regejean

Frontrunner Regé-Jean Page from Bridgerton is cautious about fueling Bond rumors, according to The Standard.

In an interview, he deflects the speculation, emphasizing it’s not occupying his thoughts. 

Flattered by the conversation, he leaves it to the people. When asked if he’d accept the role, he’s in the dark. 

With enough on his plate, he’s more worried about his work than other people’s jobs, he told Vanity Fair.

So, who’s your pick for the next James Bond?

Banner photo via Instagram @007.

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