I Want to Share Charity Gala: An Upcoming Celebration of Courage

The forthcoming I Want to Share Charity Gala is an event set to celebrate courage and compassion, all while making a meaningful impact on the lives of cancer patients.

Prepare yourself for an evening of elegance, sophistication, and boundless compassion.

The clock is ticking, and the I Want to Share Charity Gala is just around the corner. 

Sheila Romero, the prominent figure gracing the cover of Lifestyle Asia’s September issue, is the visionary founder of the I Want to Share Foundation. 

Her passion and dedication have played a pivotal role in bringing this remarkable event to life.

The original members of the I Want To  Share Foundation founded by Sheila Romero and like-minded friends
The original members of the I Want To Share Foundation founded by Sheila Romero (standing, center) and like-minded friends

Mark your calendars for September 15, 2023, and anticipate an event that promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

This gala is not your run-of-the-mill affair; it’s a grand celebration of fashion, resilience, and philanthropy, poised to etch an indelible mark in your memory.

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Oatmeal linen off shoulder tie front top and matching pants, TRUDE LIZARES; Asymmetric diamond dangling earrings, JMA JEWELRY.
Sheila Romero/Photo by Patrick Diokno for Lifestyle Asia

Red Carpet of Resilience

It’s not just a fashion show; it’s a tribute to the spirit of these brave young cancer warriors. 

The I Want to Share Charity Gala shines a spotlight on their incredible journey to survivorship, and it’s going to be a night full of inspiration.

For designers like Mark Bumgarner, Rajo Laurel, Andrea Tetangco, Martin Bautista, and Avel Bacudio, this event isn’t just about fashion; it’s a chance to show the world that fashion can be a force for good. 

Laurel beams with honor as he talks about being part of this noble cause, saying, “How does it feel to be part of the I Want To Share Foundation Gala? It feels wonderful. It feels good because we continue a cycle of bringing goodness and hope to all these unfortunate children.”

Tetangco shares her sentiments, “It’s an honor to be part of this — to be able to showcase my talent and share my creations with these people.”

For the young cancer warriors, this is a moment of empowerment, a chance to show the world that they are more than their medical condition. 

I Want to Share Foundation’s new Board of Directors.
I Want to Share Foundation’s Board of Directors: (from left to right) Pinky Antonio, Steven Tan, Talia Asuncion, Sheila Romero, Suzette Ayson, Robby Carmona, and Atty. Dey Dimaandal / Photo by Excel Panlaque of KLIQ, Inc. for Lifestyle Asia

Couture for a Cause

The I Want to Share Foundation serves a higher purpose—raising funds for the Childhood Cancer Help Line. 

The goal? To increase the country’s cancer survival rate to at least 60%. They want to ensure that young hearts find the strength and resources to thrive beyond their diagnosis.

In the Philippines, thousands of children are diagnosed with cancer each year, and many don’t get the timely care they need. 

As a result, the survival rate hovers around a mere 30%. But the I Want to Share Foundation is on a mission to change that. 

They’re not only raising funds but also creating specialized rooms and a nurturing nurse’s station at the Bone Marrow Transplant Center in PGH. 

It’s a visionary endeavor that promises hope and healing for Filipino children with cancer.

Romero, the founder of I Want To Share Foundation, sums it up beautifully, saying, “It is my goal to leave a positive impact and a difference in the lives of the Filipino people.”

Ivory cashmere cable knit trench coat and trousers, MAX MARA; Asymmetric diamond dangling earrings and ring, JMA JEWELRY.
Sheila Romero/Photo by Patrick Diokno for Lifestyle Asia

Join the Crusade

The I Want To Share Foundation started as a small fundraiser and has grown into a life-changing institution. 

Since 2015, they’ve been turning extraordinary dreams into reality. 

From organizing prom nights with beloved actors and actresses to empowering children. They do this to reclaim a part of themselves through the I Want to Share my Hair campaign.

Every year, 600 kids bravely complete chemotherapy.

The foundation celebrates this milestone by providing them with a graduation experience just like any other student. 

Last December 2022, 150 graduates fought, believed, and beat cancer.

As Romero passionately says, “It’s time for bigger things and greater goals. Let’s help cancer patients continue to live, laugh, and love. Let’s leave a legacy that they will treasure forever.”

Banner photo by Excel Panlaque from KLIQ, Inc. for Lifestyle Asia.

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