3 Reasons Why Raffles Hotels' Queen Victoria Afternoon Tea is a Truly Royal Experience -

After the success of Raffles Hotel’s Royal Afternoon Tea Series with the theme Queen Marie Antoinette, the luxury hotel is set to launch its second featuring Great Britain’s longest reigning monarch Queen Victoria. Starting at August 1 and running until November 30 at the Writer’s Bar, we site three reasons why afternoon tea at the Raffles Hotel is a truly royal experience:

We Love Homages to History

Following their last Royal Afternoon Tea Series featuring French delicacies inspired by Marie Antoinette, the Raffles Hotel continues with a Queen Victoria-inspired tea set up. Raffles, whose long saga began when it first opened its first property in Singapore in 1887 is no stranger to historic homages. Even Manila, a relatively new property in the Raffles group, has always touched on creating experiences reminiscent of the elegant past. The Queen Victoria Afternoon Tea is inspired by the British monarch and her reign, which was to be known as the Victorian Era in history books. Her time and efforts resulted to a positive period of industrial, cultural and political change in the United Kingdom.

Royal Themed Tea Cuisine 

Rightfully so, the Food and Beverage team at Raffles has prepared the appropriate spread for a royal afternoon tea. Teacup sandwiches are fashioned like the arches of the London Bridge and is stuffed with crab and cress. They also bring back the iconic Coronation Chicken, which was created in 1953 for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. There are vintage cheddar cheese tarts, age-old English tea sandwiches with poached salmon, citrus cream cheese and dill. There are also a variety of confections to devour including the Victorian Sponge cake filled with butter cream and raspberry jam, vintage flora cookies inspired by Victorian design, truffle chocolates filled with gin and orange, traditional lemon tart, classic English toffee cupcakes and the popular British biscuit Jammie Dodger made from shortbread and flavored with a jam filling.

English Activities to Watch Out For

In addition to a daily afternoon tea, special activities have been arranged to create a truly English experience. Protocol Specialist Sheila Viesca of Talkshop has been called to teach etiquette classes on August 20, September 24 and October 29 and 3 in the afternoon. A unique Bits and Bobs pop-up store will be selling fine English goods in the hotel on August 11 to 12, September 14 to 16, and October 20-21. Lastly, Wedgewood, the iconic British tableware brand who has graced homes of royal families will display their Wild Strawberry collection at the Writer’s Bar.

Queen Victoria Afternoon Tea is from 2:30PM to 5:30PM daily at PHP 1150 for two Add a galss of champagne at PHP900. For more information and to make reservations phone 795 1840 or email [email protected]



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