Recreate Your Restaurant Favorites At Home With Do-It-Yourself Food Kits

If you want to satisfy your cravings without going out or taking much time to prepare, get your hands on these ready-to-cook kits from your favorite restaurants.

While the pandemic is still out of our control, the F&B landscape continues to come up with creative ways to keep businesses afloat. One of which is the Do-It-Yourself or DIY meal kits with prepared ingredients and a guide on cooking the dish. If you are one to remain in your home or don’t have much time to prepare, these DIY food kits save you from the hassle. From steaks, burgers, ramen, to pizzas, you have a wide range of options to fulfill your cravings.

Tsuke-Men by The Grid

Miss having a steaming bowl of authentic ramen? Tsuke-Men offers its first DIY Tsukemen Kit so you can recreate the Japanese ramen you have always loved. You can select from Gyokai, Spicy Gyokai, Tonkotsu, and Tan Tan Men. The kit comes with noodles, broth, and toppings that all you have to do is to heat these all up. To further customize it according to your palate, you can order additional toppings like Braised Chasyu and Aji Tamago.

For orders and details, visit The Grid’s DIY Kit form.

While Chef Chele Gonzales has recently opened the doors of Gallery by Chele to dine-in guests, the restaurant still crafts ready-to-cook meals. Gallery by Chele At Home features their heritage dishes and Spanish signatures like the cuarto de cochinillo with potato sides and salad. Each meal comes in an organic and biodegradable packaging, ensuring the freshness of ingredients.

For orders and details, visit Gallery by Chele At Home’s website.

Food Czar

If you remain time-pressed with your new schedule amid quarantine, you can order chef-designed meal kits. No matter the kind of cuisine you prefer, Food Czar does the grocery shopping for you all the way to preparing your meal. From one-week meal plans to healthy, pre-portioned ingredients, you can easily play “chef” without worrying about creating a mess in the kitchen.

For orders and details, visit Food Czar’s website.

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For those with a sweet tooth, Bucky’s created a DIY kit to recreate your own mouthwatering brownies. Each set consists of their signature Not-a-Brownie Original mix, buttermilk pancake mix, salted caramel sauce, and an option to include brown butter polvoron. From the delightfully fragrant ingredients alone, you are certain to carry on your baking passion for the rest of the year.

For orders and details, visit Bucky’s website.

Shake Shack

Who can resist stacking up their own burgers? Definitely not us. ShackBurger Kits include eight servings of tender Angus beef patties. Together with American cheese, Martin’s potato rolls, and the ultimate secret Shack sauce, you couldn’t help but take big bites of these ready-to-cook burgers.

For orders and details, visit the Shake Shack form.

Din Tai Fung, Ooma, and 8Cuts

Fans of The Moment Group restaurants, you can now savor their signature dishes without leaving the comforts of your home. Partnering with online grocery Delidrop, The Moment Group launches an array of frozen meals including Din Tai Fung’s shrimp and pork wontons, 8Cuts house cheeseburgers, and Ooma’s Ebi tempura. Each ingredient is safely and tightly packed to ensure its freshness and flavor when you cook them. You wouldn’t miss pairing these with stocks of rice and your choice sauces the way you have always enjoyed.

For orders and details, visit the Delidrop gourmet grocer website.

Pizza Express

“Unleash your inner pizzaiolo!” as the order form says. You can now choose and toss in your favorite toppings to create your beloved pizza. With two pizza doughs, tomato passata, mozzarella cheese, and a selection of toppings such as fennel sausage, ham, bacon, pepperoni, and olives, you can relish in the meaty and salty profile of your homemade pizza.

The Test Kitchen

Have the finest meat and side dishes from Chef Josh Boutwood and his team’s The Test Kitchen. The ready-to-cook and eat menu entails ribeye steak, parmesan mashed potatoes, smoked pork neck steak, poached salmon, truffle roast chicken, lemon saffron risotto, and more. While it can be nerve-wracking to roast or grill these quality meats especially for first-timers, Chef Josh can walk you through the process. Simply scan the QR code to watch his video.

For orders and details, contact +639772885751 or visit their Instagram page.

Twenty Four Bakeshop

Couldn’t get enough of the cookie craze? Munch on sweet luscious cookies straight from your oven. Each cookie dough is vacuum-sealed to ensure its freshness and its flavor. For each bag, you will get 1.8kg of their classic chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia, and triple chocolate dough. Follow their Instagram page so you can also get updates once they release their limited edition flavors.

For orders and details, visit the Twenty Four Bakeshop website.

Bar Pintxos

Whether work is still hectic or you are having a slow night while watching Netflix, nothing elevates such experiences as indulging in the rich flavors of Pintxos. Their selection consists of salpicao, lengua, pollo al ajillo, jamon allioli, chorizo spreads and of course, their signature gambas. The servings are good for two to three people, enough for a date night or a simple afternoon nibbles.

Mendokoro Ramenba and Ramen Yushoken

Nothing beats the warmth of savoring a piping hot bowl of ramen especially during rainy days and the incoming cold months in the country. The two go-to ramen destinations are finally opening for deliveries, and this time, take-home kits. Each has noodles, toppings, a broth pouch, and an oil packet. You can choose from Tan Tan Men, Super Cashu, Shio, and Shoyu variants.

For orders and details, visit the Take Home Ramen kit form.

A smoothie pack in GREEN flavor – banana, mango, cucumber, kale, and spirulina. (Photo from Instagram)

Smoothie Bowl Kit by The Good Stuff

Have a healthy and refreshing drink without spending time on slicing fruits. One kit has four different smoothies that include flavors like Green, Acai, Tropical, and PB & Banana. The Good Stuff uses and packs only the freshest ingredients so you can have delightful smoothies for you or to share with your family.

For orders and details, visit The Good Stuff Instagram page.

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