Red Carpet Ready: Fashionable Women Reveal Their Beauty Rituals

From proper skincare routine to a healthy and balanced diet, these preparations can help you turn heads at the ball

Here’s a fact behind the glamour, gracing balls and other evening affairs demand well-calculated effort, especially from women. Many go through tedious processes of having their hair and makeup done, and some even go on diets weeks before the special day. The choice of dress or gown is also an essential part of the preparation. In this special, Lifestyle Asia talks to some of the most sophisticated women to unveil their secrets to looking their elegant best in important events. You might get ideas on how to prepare for your next ball or social gathering.

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Julie Boschi.

Julie Boschi

Quite particular to her skincare routine especially days before the ball, Julie cleanses her skin using Bioderma micellar water. To keep it moisturized, she uses Dr. Jart and La Mer. She says a refreshed skin helps in the smooth application of makeup. Thus, she uses VXY, a 3-second nano face lifting mask. Staying hydrated also keeps her body invigorated, ready for the night’s festivities.

Grace Baja. (Photo by Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100).

Grace Baja

At least a week before the special day, Grace eats a balanced and healthy diet to feel clean inside and out. For her skin, she visits the Aivee Clinic to avail of the Aivee Tempsure that contours her face and Emsculpt that tightens her body. Yet it is also important for her to naturally lose excess fats through doing Pilates at least three times every week. As for her gown, the strongly feminine creations of Vania Romoff are her go-to looks, reflecting her personality.

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Linda Ley. (Photo by Miguel Abesamis of Studio 100)

Linda Ley

Before the ball, Linda already secures her hair and makeup artist to avoid any troubles as the day approaches. To have naturally glowing skin, she leaves a mask on her face the night before the ball, and before getting her makeup done on the day itself. For her body, she refrains from consuming carbohydrates to avoid bloating and keeps herself hydrated throughout the day.

Suzette Ayson. (Photo by MJ Suayan)

Suzette Ayson

One important preparation for Suzette is determining the jewelry she will partner with her dress. “My accessories set the direction I want to go for the rest of my look,” she says. Her style mainly includes a nude-colored nail polish for that safe and fresh look. On the day itself, she does not set any meetings or does any work to have positive energy and remain stress-free.

Read the beauty secrets of eight stylish women written by Dong Ronquillo in Lifestyle Asia’s November 2019 edition titled, “Purpose and Philanthropy.”

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