Exclusive: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Red Charity Gala Fashion Show - The Scene

In its 11th year, the Red Charity Gala was nothing short of a glamorous event for a cause. Co-chairs, Tessa Prieto Valdes and Kaye Tinga, welcomed honored guests to Shangri-La Fort as the night went on with charitable auctions and fun banter. For its annual fashion show, this year was celebrated with ten iconic Filipino fashion designers in a one of a kind fashion show dubbed, “The First 10: A Fashion Presentation.” As stunning as all ten collections were on stage, Lifestyle Asia got an exclusive backstage look at all the preparations that went on before the collections went out on the runway. From the designers giving their final touches to models lounging as they wait to walk, our photographers capture the moments just right before these beautiful pieces hit the runway and get a closer look at the intricate details of each piece. Check out these exclusive shots from this year’s monumental fashion show.

A model in her turquoise Chito Vijandre piece.
Adjusting a collar on one of his models, Chito Vijandre does final touches before his turn on the runway.
Vijandre’s vibrant and regal silhouettes give an opulent feel as his models await for their walk.
Models lounge and wait their turn in their Rajo Laurel pieces.
Inspired by the Ati-Atihan festival, Laurel adds a colorful local flair to his collection.
Rajo Laurel with his models clad in his Ati-atihan inspired collection.
Ever the attention to detail, Furne One places an off-shoulder collar piece on one of his models.
Jojie Lloren adjusting a piece on one of his models.
A model in Jojie Lloren waits backstage.
Cary Santiago with his models in his Japanese-inspired collection.
A model waits in his Joey Samson piece.
Michael Cinco poses for a photo with his models in his Red Charity Gala collection.

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