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“They say that everyone has their own definition of success, and for me, it’s being able to reach out to people and provide even a small amount of happiness in their lives,” says Sam Verzosa.

At a very young age, Sam Verzosa has quite an impressive resume. President of an incredibly successful direct selling corporation, Verzosa and business- partner and college friend, Raymond “RS” Francisco, founded the health, beauty, and wellness company, Frontrow.

Verzosa adds another impressive designation to his long list of accomplishments as President of Maserati Philippines. At the helm, he has ably brought this brand of luxury vehicle to a more youthful demographic. Using his personal experiences as a young achiever to understand the below-40 billionaires who want to spend their tech start-up and entrepreneurial earnings on a car that performs flawlessly and tells the world, both literally and figuratively, that they have arrived. His most recent role is “Congressman,” having won the elections as a representative of the Tutok-to-Win partylist in the House of Representatives.


When asked what is keeping him busy, he replied, “At the moment, I have been busy fulfilling my duties as a representative of the Tutok-to-Win partylist in the House of Representatives, where we focus on providing more opportunities and support to the marginalized sector, especially the indigent population. Also, my business partner, RS Francisco, and I have been very involved with Frontrow Cares, the charity arm of Frontrow International, where we are CEO and President, respectively.

“As a public official, the goal is for my term in Congress to be successful in terms of fulfilling our platforms during the campaign and helping lessen the burden on the underprivileged communities across the country. As for Frontrow Cares, we intend to continue the remarkable efforts that our charity arm has been pursuing because, in addition to being able to help those in need, it also fuels the spirit of altruism within our company, as a significant portion of Frontrow Cares consists of our Frontrow business partners from all over the Philippines. That’s the legacy I want Frontrow to leave behind: being a company that’s true to its mission, which is to be able to change people’s lives.”


“With Frontrow Cares, I think that one of the biggest challenges for every multi-level marketing company is the negative image that’s been thrust upon the industry. Since then, changing the public’s perspective has been one of our biggest obstacles because we open-heartedly see the business as an avenue to lift up other people and provide them the right opportunities to be at their best. With a lot of special thanks to Frontrow Cares, I can proudly say that we have indeed managed to overcome the odds and prove that with the right intentions, a successful business can be a bridge of hope to those who need it.”

When asked what gives him reason to wake up every morning, Verzosa does not hesitate to reply, “Definitely, my family. They are the reason why I always strive to accomplish great things, especially for my children. I want to serve as an inspiration to them, to show them that they can achieve fantastic things by putting in the hard work and, more importantly, by always remembering to look back at their roots.

Looking back over the past couple of years, I have come to the realization that while I found my passion in business, I can truly say that I found my purpose in philanthropy. I feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity and the platform to give back to people who are in need.

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These two ventures, especially my position in Congress, are my topmost priorities outside of business. The monetary side of things has always come second to me, even when RS and I started Frontrow. I believe that if you consistently align yourself with the right intentions, success will followwhichever endeavor you pursue.”

“They say that everyone has their own definition of success, and for me, it’s being able to reach out to people and provide even a small amount of happiness in their lives. True success, for me, is being able to touch as many lives as possible and change them for the better. Success does not rely on material things; it relies on being in touch with the world and the people residing in it,” he mused.


“I’ve said before that the true purpose of wealth is to help others, and that is what genuine success looks like. I still live by those words to this day. I believe that “new luxury” is a concept that should normalize the value of altruism, especially since luxury is something that can only be afforded by those who have much to give. Promoting this idea could help bridge the gap between different parts of society and make our community stronger as a whole.”

When asked what is next and what he is looking forward to, he seems to have a very clear outlook on what the next couple of years are going to look like.

“With all the responsibilities and expectations currently on my shoulders, I have to put my focus on those first. We have been working on several projects and legislative work addressing the needs of the people in various aspects, including education, health and safety, employment, the environment, and more. I look forward to completing these projects and continuing to be of service to the Filipino people.”

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